You are not to Old to go into FASHION

I started to look at Imran Amed’s videos, and find them very helpful. In the few weeks which passed I think to myself that I don’t the right thing to go into fashion. I felt that I am too old and I struggle to do things because of my age, but luckily my health is still very good.

Imran also started with a blog, 10 years back and he as I understand wrote about fashion. That was his main thing, to do something creative. In 2018 I started with a cryptocurrency website, and could not make money out of it. So I stop that and decided that I am going to continue with my art, and if you look at when I started in 2019 in November it is all drawings, and paintings, and then suddenly fashion steps in. Everything changed, all that I learned to do the last seven years since I am not working, become fell in place. Now I know what to do on social media, what to do on the website of mine and on LAVI’s website.

It took me a while to understand myself and where I am going to fit in this new career which I am in. Everything changed after I start selling a product called Honey, It is a brand of its own but sells accessories like handbags, shoes, and jewelry. That helps me to go in the street and show the people on my phone what it looks like. I started to get a funnel on WhatsApp where I personalize the adverts to them in person, what I did was just greet them by their name. I send out about 70 WhatsApp today, and got four responses regarding the advert, but had no sales. So it is a very bad day for me today, but still not motivated. I think I have my Twitter account in place, Facebook, and Instagram, and now have a new funnel which is WhatsApp.

I have enough time, not that much but want to see some money come in next year by this time, we got an order yesterday to redo underwear, and will bring in a small amount of money to help us grow, and to start working with clients. It will help to start a client base and to keep in contact with them.

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