Yesterday at the Fabric Shops – Camouflage Line

Yesterday I was up early around half past six. I stood up early to get myself ready to go to town and buy fabrics. I got this wonderful camouflage fabric at a shop in East Lynn in Pretoria and got a men’s trousers pattern at a shop here in Sinoville.

We looked at the pattern tonight and we saw that the pattern is going to take around 3 meters of fabric. The cost of the fabric was R240 and we can’t ask for the trousers for less than R520 per trousers. It is very expensive and is not now sure anymore if we must make these expensive trousers. We can get three men’s shorts out of three meters, but we need to have something for the winter for the men. I discuss this with Anton and we decided that we can ask about R590 for the camouflage trousers.

I sold my apartment in Mountain View where I lived for almost four years. It was for me hell, to live there. It was an apartment which bought for investment but it was a big loss for me. I moved now to Wonderboom just over the Magalies Mountain. The temperature here is hotter than in Pretoria itself. We are close to the Kollonade shopping mall where we sell our camouflage clothing line.

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