Whisper Secrets on a Paper and Cover it with Paint…

Artist: Pieter Lategan
Title:  “Whisper Secrets on a Paper and Cover it with Paint.”
Medium: A4 Paper Acrylics

This painting has frames.  I read on the internet a review of the movie in the “Mood for love.”  I got the idea from a Chinese movie which is directed by Wong Kar-wai and got an award for the Best Actor.
I use bright colors on this painting, die figures is in the frames totally stand out on the painting.  I am not sure why I use white, it looks like nuns.  Hahahahaha, but I like the decorative frame with the flowers and the other elements in red and blue and white.

In my opinion, this is a designer’s work, not a real painting this you can use for material print, like t-shirts and table clothes.  This is very ethnic and I want to try to break away from ethnic it starts getting boring.  I would like to go for a specific time period like the Celtic or Art Nouveau.

 I include the link and please listen to it, it is very nice.  She was one of my favorite singers when I was around 16 years old.
So the question is what is the secret?  Yes, there is a secret which is been whispered on the paper and I cover it with paint…

I listen today again to Laura Branigan’s song – Over you.

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