What We Can See in a Painting

December 30, 2016
Title: Zulu ShieldsMedium: A4 Acrylic.
This is Zulu shields more in a colorful way,I made it green it almost look like leaves.

“â€Ĥa formal analysis – the result of looking closely – is an analysis of the form that the artist produces…” – Sylvan Barnet

With scale, composition, pictorial space, form, line, color, light, tone, texture and pattern you can look closely to painting and understand the painting, this we call elements of art. The principles of art is values, including balance, hierarchy, pattern, rhythm, space, proportion, emphasis, movement, contrast, and unity.
The analysis of paintings is intended to prompt a higher order of thinking and help people to a well-reasoned analysis said the www.studentartguide.com. A visual analysis addresses an artwork’s formal elements – visual attributes such as color, line texture, and size.
To know how to write a formal analysis of an artwork is a fundamental skill learned in an art appreciation-level. It is important to keep in mind in any analysis the following: How and why is this a significant work of art?
By Pieter Lategan


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