Victoria’s Secret 2018

Before I start I want to come back to this morning’s article for my blog which I wrote. That is the swimming wear which I saw for men.

Photo: Pinterest
Photo: Pinterest

What I am saying with these three designs is that if you count all three pieces of clothing you address 8 different pieces of clothing. With the swimming pants, you can also use them for under wear.
If you look at the jacket you will be able to make a shirt and a jacket.
With the long pants, you will be able to make shorts and long pants.

My idea this morning was to go bling and do beading work on the clothing, but when I looked at this and combine it with the designs of the fashion show Victoria’s Secret 2018 show I think if a couple wears it you will find it will work.

This is the video clip of the swimming wear of the Victoria’s Secret 2018 show.

VICTORIA’S SECRET 2018 Highlights Fashion Show | New York – Fashion Channel (2018)

The designer was British designer Mary Katrantzou.

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