The Queen has long been known for re-wearing pieces from her wardrobe. (Today Her Funeral)

I am not a royalist nor a big fan of the royals of England but I must say when it comes to fashion, and design, you need to keep an eye on the noble of England. In many cases, you can look at all the kings and queens and princesses and princes of the world.

I must say the person I always was wondering about was Her Majesty, the late Queen Elizabeth of England. Sometimes I wonder what made her so different and why is she so conservative, and also well known for re-wearing her old clothes.

I believe that she was an example for all of us, she was not the show like Princess Diana or Fergie. I am not going to write about the royals but I must say it only once happened that Her Majesty Queen of England died. It is a sad day today because it is the funeral and people all over the world will have a look at what happens now in England.

So let’s go back to what she wears. There were a lot of times that we saw her in the standard one-color piece with a hat and then brooch, and please don’t forget the handbag. The handbag was standard, you will always see her with her handbag and I wonder what she carries in that bag, make-up, maybe a picture of her dogs, I don’t know, I think that stays personal. Sometimes I wish someone can just tell us or discuss what is in that handbag of Queen Elizabeth.

Her jewelry is simple, most of the time she had pearls. That could be her favorite jewelry, it would be nice if she wears more diamonds, but that is personal, I love diamonds and stones, and also wants to wear that myself.

The Queens’ personal dresser Angela Kelly explained how Her Majesty carefully consider the reuse of her old dresses. The life span of her dresses was about 25 years. The royal likes that her clothes to be adapted and recycled as much as possible. The media got familiar of the dress after two or three outings. Later on she will look how to modify it or worn it on private holidays at Balmoral or Sandringham.

Below is photos of Her Majesty’s clothing which she worn again.

1962 and 1966

Photo: Getty Images

The monarch originally wore this dress for a state dinner in Rome in 1961 and then at the Lawrence Of Arabia premiere in 1962.

1997 and 2003

Photo: Getty Images

This beautiful floral dress and matching hat she wore on a tour to India in 1997. Six years later she wore it again. She changed the dress, the collar, and the belt of the original dress. Still wearing the pearls and the brooch.

2003 and 2004

Photo: Getty Images

Her Majesty has worn this dress on two occasions one was for an event at Windsor Great Park in 2003 and then the opening of the Scottish Parliament in 2004.


Photo: Getty Images

Queen Elizabeth wore this floral dress in Malta in 2005 and then at a reception the following year at Buckingham Palace.


Photo: Getty Images

The monarch wore this dress in Malta and three years later at Ascot.


Photo: Getty Images

Angela Kelly design this coat for her Majesty on Christmas day for church, she re-wore it several times including an engagement in London in 2008.

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