The Fear For The Coronavirus

Pieter Lategan
Title: The Fear For The Coronavirus
Medium: A4 Paper Pencil H

People live now in fear. The elderly are the worst hit by the coronavirus. They are weak and do not have the ability to fight the virus.

I draw it from a photo which I got on the internet.

So what do I think about my work?

Slowly I am moving out of the deep waters and I can feel it looks better. I am proud of myself because I used a photo. The eyes work, the nose almost there, the mouth is ok and the ears are good. So yes I am happy about the sketch. I took a walk to the shop and the rows were long and we had to stand outside of the shop. There are only a few people allowed in the shop, so I waited for about 30 min outside and I was out in 6 min.

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