The Big Day, our Stand in a Shop – Camouflage Line

Today we made history in LAVI Fashion, we find a shop and rent a space in an existing shop. We bought a stand for R650 and that was paid today. We were so excited to get there. When we got there the power was off. I already made plans to take pictures and make the stand nice. We will now go the weekend at having a look.

The stock was not enough for the big stand so we are working like ants to get more camouflage shorts out. We want to put it Sunday in the shop before the end of the month.

I might forget the date we moved in, but never forget what I felt when we walk in and know we are going to start selling our product to the public. Our next step is to start making shirts, get maybe a bigger space in the shop. We will see how the sales will go during the year.

Here are pictures of Anton and me in front of the stand in the shop with our camouflage shorts on the stand. Also outside photo of how the shop looks like for the outside.

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