Swimming Wear – Camouflage Line

I am busy changing my day and night, I prefer to work when I want to. I find I sleep in the morning from seven to around eleven, then wake up and can continue till the next day. Slowly everything is picking up, my social media platforms are growing that is Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. I don’t really believe in Social Media as a selling method, I believe it is a good branding platform to get noticed.

Anton made these shorts for me, his ex-wife said his son won’t’ wear them because they have pink in the fabric, I just smiled when I got these swimming shorts. I love the cars and the colors. The fabric is very lightweight and can quickly dry. So if you swim with it it will not be wet for long.

Hopefully next month we get the cover stitch machine which is almost R13 000 and then we can work on lycra and do wonderful stitches on it. I am not exactly sure what you can do with the cover stitch machine but I think it is a very good decision to buy it.

Well to come back to the swimming line, this pant is just a sample which we have in mind. I am busy finding out about fabric and a company which will print on our own fabric. So if we start with the camouflage swimming wear we can do camouflage design and printing on lycra or fabric which is ideal for swimming.

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