Study 12 – Three-Quarter Face Impressionistic

Artist: Pieter Lategan
Title: Study 12 – Three-Quarter Face Impressionistic
Medium: Mondi Rotatrim Paper 80gsm, B Pencil Wood
Dimensions: 210 X 297 mm / 8.27 X 11.69 inches
Style: Impressionistic
Art Subject: Portrait, Imaginary
Place of Origin: Pretoria, South Africa

Personal Notes

I used a reference solely to get an idea of what I try to do. I draw a lot of lines to make it impressionistic. I like that style. I also enjoy working with the shadows. The sketch is a bit off-balance from the paper and is not a hundred percent in the middle. I used the Reilly method to do this sketch and that is mainly the reason why it is off-centered.

I worked about 4 to 5 hours on this sketch but I learned a lot.

Reference: Artist: P Mucks


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