Social Media and Blogging

I have three social media platforms. I was not sure what to do with that. I am busy watching Alexa Chung : Blogging and Building your Platform and find a lady Leandra Medine who write and post on twitter.

Photo from the Internet

She was very active on twitter. Social media is really hard work and can take a lot of your time. One thing you need to remember if you are on social media you need followers. That is very time consuming and you need to follow and get the right people to follow. Also you have to work with a plan. Try to understand what you goal is with your social media platform. In my case I mainly focus on branding.

What Leandra did and that is what I understand she was doing, she had a blog and write about the fashion topic, then she tweet it. She said today Instagram is the way to go, and you then don’t need a blog any more. To start with followers on Instagram is difficult for me now, because I don’t have that much followers. I don’t understand how you can use Instagram as a blog.

Tonight I was looking around on Instagram and I see the only way to put a link to your blog is on your bio, so what I am doing is to refer people to my bio, and then they must click on the link in the bio.

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