Redraw of Unknown Artist sketch – I call it Pilot

Artist: Pieter Lategan
Title: Redraw of Unknown Artist sketch – I call it Pilot
Medium: A4 Paper Pencil HB

Pencil sketch of a pilot G.E. Rawson dated 29 August 1943. He died and they assume the body was found by the Germans in world war 2. After an attack and the sea of Cherbourg.

I don’t know who the artwork did, but it is been signed by the artist and the date is 29 Aug 1943, the time during the war.

So what do I think of my own work?

Some of the lines are too hard and it is been drawn from different angles. I try to create images with continuous same pencil pressure. That I have difficulties with. But as soon as when I get that when I color in with the pencil with practice I will be happy. The hair works for me but I could spend more time on it. The eyes are ok, and the mouth. I like the nose, it is working but still not there yet. I still feel I need more practice for portrait pencil sketches but that will I do. I am busy since last year November 2019 and worked very hard this month.


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