Pierre-Yves Riveau the Artist

Pierre-Yves also know as Pez is an artist from Nantes(France).  He gets his inspiration from Graffiti and Pop Culture.  Pez is an Illustrator and Painter.  He is also known as a good designer he also creates with a tattoo style ornamentation.

He is now described as a genius in illustrator.  He is known for creating predictable stuff.  He produces “Distroy” a Disney Logo, which is a series of works of the character of Bart and Homer Simpson, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and Super Mario. This is broadcast as globally pop-culture characters. These characters are transformed into a fun and cheerful characters.  It is not really for children but is very creative.

https://momentsjournal.com describes it as “capturing the dark side of the famous cartoon characters”.
My humble view of the Artist Pez. I don’t find pictures of the artist himself.  I only see his work this is up to this date, maybe later he will show his face more often.  He is not on twitter but on Instagram and Facebook.  His work is brilliant and he is a genius and his artworks are the most expensive artworks currently in the world.  This is what the internet said.  He gives a lot of attention to detail, it is very creative and I must say I would like to draw like him.



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