Artist: Pieter Lategan
Title: Bird
Medium: Acrylic on Paper
Size: A4

Characteristics of my work

I think my work is very colorful, ethnic and it is people-based ( most of the work, and that is what I want to do. Currently, I am more focus on the Zulus which make my theme unique, it is about what they wear and how they use their color). What I try to do with my work is to modernize the Zulu culture into my paintings. My work is about culture, is about the people living in South Africa. It is about there style and how to improve on it. My goal is to pull constancy of certain characteristics of my work. The work must always relate to each other. My ideas came directly from the ethnic styles and use of the Zulu culture/tribe. It is also about the complexity of the different tribes and people in South Africa, which I will later give attention to. I will also look to combine unique characteristics of them in my work, and they make it my own style. Short of trying to create new art for the tribes, to extend their possibilities by using their creativity. Types of accessories are also been used to show what the culture liked and what they wear.

My work focus on abstract and modern art. I focus on real decorative art similar which can be used on fabrics, textiles were my favorite subject when I studied.

My work is very lavish and outlandish and not minimal. However, some of the caracoles, acrylics and pencil sketches are somehow minimalist which accompanied each painting as part of my recording. I need to create my own unique paintings with my style that reflect my personality which
gives an identity to my own “brand” and helps to differentiate it from the crowd. I am very strict to give quality work, to make sure that I use the materials, sprays, canvasses as required. It is very important for me to go through the instructions on how to use the materials so that it can live very long. My focus is not to become a commercial African life Sketcher but to look more to the artistic side of it.

My target customers or art buys are the people who enjoy and appreciate modern art. The framework which I want to pull through all my work makes it expensive and therefore I need to focus above the
normal income person, businessman, and collectors. I want to be known as an African Life Sketcher with very rich color use, use my own style and
develop and improve. Like what the Romans did with the Greek art which they copied I think I will do.

Pieter’s Replica of Vladimir Tretchikoff’s Kitch and call it Pieter’s Trash

lategan, chinese, kitch, trash, artwork, oil, painting
This artwork is about low culture art which does not fit in to the mainstream art.

Title: Pieter’s Replica of Vladimir Tretchikoff’s  Kitch and call it Pieter’s  Trash
Medium: Oil on Canvas

Tonight I studied low Culture or you can even call it trash art. It is plain trash. It doesn’t fit into mainstream art. See what Wikipedia says about that. I will do my own conclusion later to say what I think about my own artwork which I have done. This replica. The “Chinese Girl” is reproduced by the Artist to favor financially if that is the right word. The original painting is been called kitsch but I think you can also call mine as pure trash. Kitsch is not the correct word for this nor modern. But this is my own opinion. I think I will still have a few words regarding this painting. I feel it is funny and I remember I sat late at night at just looking at Vladimir Tretchikoff’s paintings. I must say I like it. Actually, I think it is very good (His work). It is South African, it is ours. We own it. This artwork is not for the mainstream. I think basically this all my art, or most of my art is purely for every individual taste will as I said before to make my own conclusion when I finished thinking about this one. She is currently living in my house or my apartment. And every day I start seeing meaning it. But not A DEEP meaning. I think people need to trash sometimes. People get tired of all the real and mainstream stuff. It is 02:06 AM in the morning on the 12 February 2018 I feel now is the time after about two weeks when I painted it.
Low culture From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Low culture is a derogatory term for forms of popular culture that have mass appeal. Its contrast is high culture which can also be derogatory. It has been said by culture theorists that both high culture and low culture are subcultures.
The boundaries of low culture and high culture blur, through convergence. Many people are “omnivores”, making cultural choices from different menus.
Contents [hide]1 Standards and definitions of low culture2 Culture as class3 Mass media3.1 Audience3.1.1 Stereotypes4 See also5 References Standards and definitions of low culture[edit]In his book Popular Culture and High Culture, Herbert J. Gans gives a definition of how to identify and create low culture:
Aesthetic standards of low culture stress substance, form and being totally subservient; there is no explicit concern with abstract ideas or even with fictional forms of contemporary social problems and issues. … Low culture emphasizes morality but limits itself to familial and individual problems and [the] values, which apply to such problems. Low culture is content to depict traditional working class values winning out over the temptation to give into conflicting impulses and behavior patterns.
— Herbert Gans, [1]When applying that lens to mass media, it often includes shows that do not go too deeply into abstract ideas, or that do not address head-on contemporary social problems.
Culture as class[edit]Herbert Gans states in his book Popular Culture and High Culture that the different classes of culture are linked correspondingly to socio-economic and educational classes.[2] For any given socio-economic class, there is a culture for that class. Hence the terms high and low culture and the manifestation of those terms as they appeal to their respective constituents.
Mass media[edit]Audience[edit]All cultural products (especially high culture) have a certain demographic to which they appeal most. Low culture appeals to very simple and basic human needs plus offers a perceived return to innocence,[3] the escape from real-world problems, or the experience of living vicariously through viewing someone else’s life on television.[4]
Stereotypes[edit]Low culture can be formulaic, employing trope conventions, stock characters, and character archetypes in a manner that can be perceived as more simplistic, crude, emotive, unbalanced, or blunt compared to high culture’s implementations—which may be perceived as more subtle, balanced, or refined and open for interpretations.

Self Portrait

Medium: A4 Pen
This sketch is a self-portrait and I combined it with an Ethnic Look and feel.  The mask is a double face of myself.  It is very creative and I draw with a pen.  I do not really do a lot in pen and must maybe consider to do it.  

Butterflies Flowering the Trees

The Creation of – Butterflies Flowering the Trees.
Title: Butterflies flowering the trees.
Medium: Image in Photoshop

I changed the design a bit.  The size was not of the standard canvas size when I started to design.  So I duplicate it in Photoshop and drag and drop every image over, it took me about 10 min to rearrange the images and to drag everything over.  I cut a bit and change it.  I am not happy with the dark background and the sky.  I will have to work on that to make it a bit interesting.  Maybe I can, just maybe use nice painting techniques.

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