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I redraw the pattern from the Vogue Patterns design v1632. I am busy to make it my own to change that.

Anton gave me this assignment to help him with the patterns. I am going to draw the sketches from the patterns and then I going to combine them with other patterns. That will create a new pattern that makes it unique for LAVI Fashion. I am going to use these patterns to do that.

Pattern Vogue V1632
Pattern Vogue V1632
Simplicity 1656
Simplicity 1656

These are flyers which we made today to hand out to the school children to make clothes for the year-end dance.

#LadyGaga#HoldMyHand #TopGunMaverick
Lady Gaga – Hold My Hand (From “Top Gun Maverick”)Video Official (2022)

This is a flyer that I design for the Grade 12s in the schools for their end year function. I feel there will always be a need for a designer for this event, and people spend a lot of money to dress their children for the end year function.

I am busy with a business plan for our business. We plan to go to SEDA to see how they will be able to help us to grow our business. We think of buy a embroidery machine to do embroidery on fabric.

These pictures is pictures which I am going to put into our business plan so that they can see what we plan to do.

Sunday 5 June 2022

Today I made this video clip for LAVI Fashion. It is a quick idea of how to make a small video for our social media platforms and for advertising. We are now going to see if we can get money to grow the business and we need to give a business proposal.

Made by Pieter Lategan used InVideo

Anton and I at Rarras Night Club Pretoria

I just sit and floating, not high no, but I am not really working. Everything is started to shape back again like always. My blog is a very important part of my life, I then can see what I did every day.

Jack Sparrow & Elizabeth Swann | Rewrite the Stars

Shopping at Kollonade Shopping Mall Pretoria South Africa

Just when I think all the ideas, all the nice tunes, all the words, is taken, I see there are new ones. You can say better ones making their way up to be on the top. I remember what one of my school friends said, years back and that was in the poorest days their were a lot of people who made a lot of money.

An Opportunity

I can’t cook and I get my food from a shop which makes food for people like me. I get three to four meals a week which cost me around R1000 per month and eat them in the evening.

Close by that “kitchen” a found a man, he is from Zimbabwe and has his own clothing business, and he made clothes and also does alterations. I went and spoke to him to find out if he can help me to get an opportunity to work at his business on a part-time basis. The business name is RG Tailors and the owner Ronald.

Up Again

My website/blog was broken for more than a month, I am so happy to be able to work on my blog again. I lost a lot of viewers but with hard work, they will come and visit again. Thank you for the people who is back and thank you for your interest. I really appreciate it, and it makes a hugh part of my willing to work very hard and harder because I know I have an audience.

Today I was looking at this video of the best-selling products of a woman who sews.

I must say I think there is a market for conference bags for businesses and I am going to look at that, she sells the bag for $150 so if I can make bags for cheaper I can sell it for around R100.  The marketing won’t be a that big problem because it is easy to send people samples of bags via email.  They can look at it and approve that.

How to make scrunchies

Fashion Model Zack Hartwanger to Keep your Eyes on in 2022 – Men’s Wear

Written by Pieter Lategan

Photo: Zack Hartwanger Twitter

This South African male model was born on 16 August 1998 and was seen by a model agency at a music festival just after he graduated from University of Cape Town. One month later he was in Germany doing international fashion work. He has been to 11 different cities to model like Paris, Milan, and New York.

“Do what makes you happy and you will never work a day in your life” Zack Hartwanger

YouTube Video Watched:

A day with model and property broker Zack Hartwanger | Top Billing

Fashion Designer Alexander McQueen – Women’s Wear

Alexander McQueen – Photo

I studied a lot of denim the last two months or so. I understand and work with the fabric. I brought myself a walking foot to work on the denim fabric because it is very thick. I must say I like the denim, I even look at recycling denim. I could not find very need for a second had jeans, I felt that people won’t be that eager to buy them.

I look and Alexander McQueen as a fashion designer and Google says it is a designer you need to learn and know of. I found these beautiful denim outfits for women from McQueen. What I like firstly are the decorations which are colorful on the denim dress. I like busy designs, especially on fabric. That makes it interesting and you feel you can easily get all the attention you need with something which makes a statement.

Jean Dress of Alexander McQueen – Photo from the internet
Jean Dress of Alexander McQueen – Photo from the internet

Alexander McQueen is a fashion designer from the UK, he is known for his rebellion and shocking styles. He is know for his low rise jeans also called low cut jeans. Sadly he passed away in 2010. He took his own life after his mother’s death and he was only 40 years old.

The Roman Tunic – Women’s and Men’s Line

Written by Pieter Lategan

When I went to study at the University of Technology in Pretoria, South Africa in 1993 one of my subjects was costume design. or just known as costumes. I will never forget I had this booklet that I get to learn about The History of Costumes. That I failed two times, and it took me years to understand how to learn that subject, nothing made sense because the booklet was poorly written by the author which was our head of department Zuanda Badenhorst.

I did not complete my studies in 1994 and after that, I went and work for my parent’s company Info Art which was an advertising company. I worked there for a year and four months when I got the work at Pretoria Badge where I design medals. It was a manufacturing company.

When my car was paid off and my brother finished as a veterinary surgeon at the University of Pretoria, I decided I am going to quit my job and go and get my diploma.

Almost 8 years after I left the University I think about every day how to learn that subject. I remember when I left the University in 1994 I could not wait to through that booklet away. The day when I got the same booklet 8 years back I know how to learn it. Every day when I went for a smoke break at home, I took the booklet with me and just start reading it. After three months I got a distinction of 83%. I said that day to myself I will never have to do that again, and went and specialize in décor and make-up which I hate.

A lot of times I think about how it would be to study fashion or in my course costumes. I am glad that I never study it because it is a very expensive course with all the fabrics which you need to make garments. If I got the money I would specialize in it. But that never happen and will not make a difference now, I know that I am inventing and reinventing myself and getting a new direction with my art and design now.

The booklet contains the old history of the Romans, and that is what I want to discuss. It is a bit historical and maybe boring, but still, you can learn from it. It stays interesting to see how designers today still use that garment at the fashion shows, and you need to know it is one thing in fashion you have to know. I remember that because I had so many difficulties studying it.

The Tunic

You got those days a lot of counties wore the tunic, one was the German tunic which the Germans wears and then also never forget the Greeks. I am going to discuss the Roman tunic.

The tunic was worn by men and women and the children. It was what they wore those days. It was a garment that was sewed together on the sides and there was an opening on top for the hands to go through.

Most of the tunics which were worn by the workers were just above the knee and the color was mainly grey and white.

The Tunic – Photo from the Internet

Youtube Video Watched:

How to make a Roman/Greek tunic

Mostly on formal occasions, a toga was worn over the tunic.

Toga over the Tunic, Photo from the Internet
over the Tunic, Photo from the Internet

Youtube Video Watched:

How to wear a Toga – Dr Mary Harlow – University of Leicester

If you had a high status in the society like if you were a Roman Senator, you would have a tunic that had color and it was very decorative.

Roman Tunic – Photo from the Internet

This is the type of tunic women wear in the Roman period.

Women’s Tunic – Photo form the Internet

The Corset – Anton’s Women’s Wear

Written by Pieter Lategan

Anton made this corset type out of lycra with lace. It was his first corset he made for his daughter to wear to a wedding as lingerie , for the women plus size.

Photos by Anton Visser
Photos by Anton Visser
Photos by Anton Visser
Photos by Anton Visser

This is the pattern he works from.

Photo by Pieter Lategan
Photo by Pieter Lategan
Photo by Pieter Lategan

Music Listened to:

Stars On 54 – If You Could Read My Mind (1998)

I am Going to Wear a Pink Dior Wedding Dress to Hunt a Lion – Camouflage Line

Written by Pieter Lategan

Yes, pink. I hate pink, I never use pink, but I am going to the bushveld and wearing the brightest pink I can have to hunt a lion, not to get killed by the lion or enemy.
Photos from

When you think of hunting, you need to think about what you are going to wear. The Lion mustn’t see you, otherwise, it can be you who is going to get killed or eaten up by a lion. So the best for you as a hunter will be to have a choice, you can stay out of the way of the lion and go hunt rabbits or camouflage yourself so that the lion gets killed before he kills you. Dress in pink to catch a lion would I think will be the perfect topic for today.

I was laying in bed at 3:40 AM and got the idea of what is 3D, can I use 3D in clothing? Yes, I can, you can take any t-shirt and through pink sponges in it and you can build that shirt up so that it can look like a human body. Any dress you create is 3D. Today what is the trend in any form of art or the buzz word? 3D! You can come up with a 3D concept and you have the business.

Let’s go back in time when you were a child, your bedtime story, Hansel and Gretel. They went to this witch in the forest with this beautiful house which is built out of sweets. A child’s dream to eat from that sweety house. If you look at that house it is 3D and it will be possible to eat hours from that house.

Hansel and Gretel story for children | Bedtime Stories and Fairy Tales for Kids – YouTube Video

The idea:

I am busy making a teepee tent, which will be a toddler tent for basically most of the time for in-house playroom use. I am thinking to make the main theme camouflage.

camouflage can exist anywhere in the bushes, forest or wood, it depends where you are. In areas where there is ice you also can have white black camouflage if I am going to wear my Dior pink dress, I will most probably wear it when I am in a field of flowers.

Photo from

The story of Hansel and Gretel is nice, they walk in the forest and see that colorful house. I don’t think the witch meant to camouflage the house because what she wanted is to attract the attention of the children so she can catch them. So this house of her full of sweets stands out in that forest and no child would resist going not to eat from that house.

I was thinking to use camouflage fabrics and then put animals on the fabric which will then be 3D and covering the teepee poles with that. So the tent will be a 3D tent with 3D animals which hangs onto the tent. To make the tent more interesting and then make the sides a puzzle where the kids can place the animals on the sides on the correct panel. To make soft toys for the tent will also be toys for the child to play in and outside the tent.

The toys will hang on the walls of the tent, something like the images below but in a puzzel form.


I was thinking to use this kind of toys to put on the side panels of the tent. These toys can be taken off if you stick them together with velcro.

Photo from the Internet
Photo from the Internet

This is my hand drawing in my portfolio. This design gives you an idea what my thoughts are around this teepee tent.

Photo by Pieter Lategan
Title: Teepee Tent 3D ( Pencil and Paper)
Pieter Lategan
10 May 2022
06:01 AM
South Africa

This is an idea that I got from the net, something like this can also work.


Other Ideas


When you start to design, it helps to think, dream, get ideas, and look around. It is time-consuming, but it is very important to write everything down. That is what my mother always tells me, Pieter writes it down, gets a book, and make notes and sketches.

Today I did not only look at a wedding dress to go and hunt for a lion but I also look for a tent to camouflage and live in the forest to protect myself, with my Dior wedding dress from the lions.

Music Listened to:

Village People – YMCA OFFICIAL Music Video (1978)

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