Our First Little Shop in a Store – Camouflage Line

Last year Anton show me this shop in the Kollonade shopping mall in Pretoria. There are plenty of small little stalls which sell different items in the shop. Last year we were thinking of getting our own space in the shop in the Mall.

After I got the number of the owner of the business we actually were not sure if we want to put our shorts in the store. We could hire a space of 50cmx50cm which will cost us R300 per month, and last year we did not have any stock. We were still in a process of learning.

Now we have around eleven pairs of shorts which we like to put in the store on Thursday. We order a small little stand for us, to put our clothes on and yes then hope for the best, to sell our first short.

The two photos on top show how we need to number the shorts and where to put the price. The last photo shows the stand which we are going to use to put our clothing in. The cost of this stall is R650, and we are going to buy it on Thursday when we going to take our clothing to the store.

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