Graphics Trash in Notebook

Artist: Pieter Lategan
Title: Graphics Trash in Notebook
Medium: A4 Paper Pencil HB

Today I studied Pierre-Yves Riveau a french pencil artist. He is also a designer and illustrator. His work is very good.  I do not do pencil sketches myself and more concentrate on oil paintings.  But I need to do something different then I draw.  I also like to do acrylics in that time.  I am not serious to sell it but I like to do the drawings.  I like to tease people with the most popular artworks in the world.  The reaction on twitter was very bad and did not get really got impressions on this artwork when I post it.

Yesterday I thought to bring small articles in on my blog, this is to tell people about other famous artists.  It will explain what they do and their work.
The pencil sketch is of Pierre Eves Riveau and I called it Graphics trash in a notebook.

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