Elastic – Camouflage Line

A lot of people comment on my work and some like it a lot and some ask me questions, some people wonder why I am not famous.

We are a very small company, I had a year back an idea, I was looking for something to do when I retire. I need to make money, and I did not have a clue what to do. I met Anton last year in February and we started to become friends. He said one evening when I visit him, that he was thinking to start a clothing line for the fuller women. I actually shouted at him and said, “this is our business”. I was very excited and we started to do the planning. I did not have a sewing machine or an overlocker, and Anton too. So I got a plan, my brother is a Vet in England and I phoned him and tell him my idea and ask for money. He is a very good man, and I love him very much. He helped me during the years that I left my work, while I was struggling. He gave me R7000 last year in June and I bought the sewing machine and the overlocker and Anton bought his in August. Yes, we were very excited and actually started with nothing.

We started and just thinking of making men’s shorts. Later we were looking for a need and found there is a gab in camouflage clothing. We look around and we did struggle to get fabric but found a few places with nice camouflage fabrics.

It took a while for us to make shorts, but now we got it and looking forward. We struggle with the pattern because the pattern that we use was from a company Simplicity. The sizes are a bit too big and we realized that we need to use the small for medium, the medium for large sizes, and the large size for extra-large sizes. That done, we learned to make pockets and started to do the elastic.

The elastic was very difficult, the first shorts that we made it took Anton 8 hours to put the elastic in. Now it takes him less than 10 min. I still struggle but I begin to understand how the medium is working.

On the sketches above you will see the stitch work has to get a lot of attention. I work from the outside, and could not see the elastic. I use a line that I had on the sewing machine to do my stitching and that work from the outside of the short. I think as soon I got the cover stitch machine it will go fine.

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