Day 3 Stay at Home to Safe Lives

Artist: Pieter Lategan
Title: Day 3 Stay at Home to Safe Lives
Medium: A4 Paper Pencil H, HB, B

Today is the third day of lockdown. People are getting frustrated and the rows in front of the supermarket were long. A few people are allowed in the shop.

Over the news, the people tell us to stay at home and must not get out so try to stop the rate of the coronavirus. 1187 People are effected and one death in South Africa. It is not that bad for a country that has 57 million people.

So what do I think of the sketch?

I got a photo on the internet and draw it over. It is a photo model. It is almost there and it looks good. It shapes but not everything is in shape, like the eyes, ears, mouth, lips, and hands. The hair is good the reason why it is a young guy and he doesn’t have grey hair.

Photo by:
Justin Chen

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