Business Plan – LAVI Fashion

I redraw the pattern from the Vogue Patterns design v1632. I am busy to make it my own to change that.

Anton gave me this assignment to help him with the patterns. I am going to draw the sketches from the patterns and then I going to combine them with other patterns. That will create a new pattern that makes it unique for LAVI Fashion. I am going to use these patterns to do that.

Pattern Vogue V1632
Pattern Vogue V1632
Simplicity 1656
Simplicity 1656

These are flyers which we made today to hand out to the school children to make clothes for the year-end dance.

#LadyGaga#HoldMyHand #TopGunMaverick
Lady Gaga – Hold My Hand (From “Top Gun Maverick”)Video Official (2022)

This is a flyer that I design for the Grade 12s in the schools for their end year function. I feel there will always be a need for a designer for this event, and people spend a lot of money to dress their children for the end year function.

I am busy with a business plan for our business. We plan to go to SEDA to see how they will be able to help us to grow our business. We think of buy a embroidery machine to do embroidery on fabric.

These pictures is pictures which I am going to put into our business plan so that they can see what we plan to do.

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