A Breakfast Date with a Street Cat – Camouflage Line

A Breakfast Date with a Street Cat – Pieter Lategan

I was up late this morning around 10 o’clock. I was dead tired last night and fall asleep immediately. Anton went to work at around half-past seven this morning. I was still sleeping when he left.

I stood up and make the bed, and went and put the kettle on for a nice cup of coffee. One teaspoon of coffee and one and a half sugar with a bit of low-fat milk.

I went outside and it was such a wonderful day. A bit cloudy but sunny and not that hot, cool because of last night’s rain. It is summer, all the plants in the garden are green and lovely.

While I enjoy my coffee something caught my eye, yes there it was. In the tree, there was a cat. She stared at me, and close her eyes. She was thinking. I can see she also enjoys the cool warm weather. I was wondering if she wants milk but she was not. She just enjoy the rest. She had six small kittens last night and is a mother now. It took her 5 hours to get all six of them, it was actually seven but that one died at birth. She try to remember who the dad was, but that night when she run down the street and met a few hot guy cats, she liked all of them but can’t remember which dad was the red kitten’s dad. She knows the black dad cat, but that red one she doesn’t know.

I stood up and walk to the tree, her eyes is now wide open and all her attention was with me. She know I am up to something but did not know what. All I want to do is to invite her for breakfast. “Hi little mother kitten cat, do you mind enjoying a lovely breakfast with me?” I asked. On her face, I could see that was the wrong time to ask her. She took a quick outing out of the house just to get out of the smelly house and from the kids who stared forever at the small little newborns. She is sick and tired and hopes they go to town when she got at home. She looks at me straight in the eyes and thinks the breakfast idea which I offer her will actually be a great idea. Staring at me she was wondering what will I give her for breakfast, milk, and what? She thinks. “So you will come?” I asked. She stood up and is very happy with herself, give a big stretch, and jump on the wall back to the street.

I thought to myself it seems to me we have a breakfast date, me at the street cat.

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