New Design for a Skirt (Women) – Denim Recycling Clothing Line

I started tonight with a new design, to keep me busy and I think I am going to spend my time designing clothing and making of it.

My idea is something like that, a image which I got from Pinterest.

I am going to use the zip idea on the new skirt which I am going to do. I have a black second hand jean, a recycle product which was badly damage. I am going to turn that jean in to a skirt.

I cut out the zip and band of the jean and is going to use that for the skirt.

I used pieces of jeans and sew it together to make one piece of jean fabric.

The End of the Skirt – Denim Recycling Clothing Line

I stopped, it is over. I worked hard and now I have to make my conclusion to see what I think about my own work.

I happy my first design is done, so now I will hear tomorrow what they think about my first project.

It was a weeks work and I was by times so tired and could not really focus. Now for the next design and a new idea.

It is Really Over – To Anton

Midnight you want to put me on the street.
In midnight you drop me off in the street dark and alone.

I cried and said to you I did not play you and don’t need your money.
I was really in love in you.

I love you and will always love you but can’t be with you.
– Pieter Lategan


Music Listened to:

James Blunt – Goodbye My Lover (2004)

Cold Play – Fix You (2005) – Performed by Rachael Schroeder for Fearless Soul

More Ideas for Recycling of Denims (Women) – Denim Recycling Clothing Line

I think the more ideas you gather the more your knowledge will expand. I have a lot of ideas, but need to keep things simple. I always remember what was said by someone when I watched a movie and that was “Less say more.” I always keep it in mind because it speaks to all industries no matter what you do.

I remember that we had a very interesting home and really a designers place when I lived with my family at the Bronkhorstspruit dam. We had a two storey home and it was difficult to sell it. The reason was that it was to different from the normal houses. The plain conservatives places was sold easily. I might be wrong but it could be that the market was not the good on that stage. We sold the place in 2007 just before the American economy had a stumble.

While I am busy going through designs, I am looking at different things for designing. If you use a simple design, it does not mean that it is easy to make. So you have to be very careful if you use the phrase less say more. Sometimes it can not work, and you walk into a disaster.

A New Direction – Denim Recycling Clothing Line

This is a new idea which Anton started to break the definite line of the jean. It is important to remember that everything what we work with is still all recycle jean’s. So it is to start with a denim which was used and now been change to something different.

Front side of Skirt
Back side of skirt

Alterations on the Skirt – Denim Recycling Clothing Line

We need to do something about this one, it looks not right. So Anton and I discuss the changes and we come up with a new idea. The jean is still to prominent and the pieces of denim which are stitch together looks like if we just stitch it on to the jean. I overlock in the inside but still we need to think about a new idea.

What is going to happen now is to cover stitch the side of the skirt, that will take out the outstanding part of the skirt.

The Denim Skirt as it is Now – Denim Recycling Clothing Line

I think sometimes you must not be so hard on yourself, but fair is fair. This works, but I think the idea is there. If you look in how much work was in the images which I saw, the idea, the design it is fair to say that it was a big challenge. Still there is a lot to do with this design/skirt and now you I have the picture, and can continue to make changes and give my own thoughts on my skirt which I made. With help with Anton’s creative brain and experience he was of very much help.

I just want to say I had a look at the images for about 4 seconds and got the idea, Tammy said that is her dream and she want to do it in future. I thought about it and thought that I must immediately work on this concept.

I just want to say all which I wrote here is my opinion and did not really have any word yet with the client/boss. I will know on Thursday what her input is with her assistant. I think this garment can we discuss for hours, and I cover just the high lights of my thoughts.

Front of skirt

My opinion of my own work.

firstly I try to break the jean idea, of a long sleeve trousers. I cut the denim off as high as possible to make space for the pieces of denim which I sew together. If you have the ability to break the jean down as much as possible it will work, but then again that is my own opinion. There will be people who would like to see more jean, but that is all a matter of taste.

What I not do was to sew the sides of the jeans. If I took the sides in it would look much different and you tapered to the size of the model. It will then be a type of a slim fit around the middle of the the body. So there is still a lot of work to do with the styling of the skirt.

The patch work of the bottom part of the skirt I feel, the blocks is to big. If you use such big blogs you must make the skirt longer, so it would look very different if the blocks were smaller.

Back of skirt

At the back of the of the jean on top there were a big hole in it, I took that piece of material out and made a new panel for the back. That works for me perfectly.

The definite line of the patch work and the jean itself does not really work, but I think with more experience I will be able to create the correct look so that the line can work.

It was not really possible to bring the patch fabric higher there was a problem.

The inside of the Skirt

Back side of the skirt
Back site of the skirt
Back side of the skirt
Back side of the skirt

The insert of the panel on top.

Back side of skirt

This is the back side of the shirt, now you can get a good idea how much work went into the skirt. I did overlocking around the skirt.

You can get a better idea of the styling of the skirt, on the sides I need to take it in and then maybe overlock it.

Proto Type of Denim Skirt – Denim Recycling Clothing Line

This images above is the proto type. The photo on top of the page is the insert which I thought will work, but I took it out. The reason for that is that it looks too busy and to much. I believe when you design and starts doing things you must over do it in the beginning to get the idea, and then later break it down and make it simple. Put as much detail and things on the concept so that you can get more ideas and then automatically you learn more.

Patch Work on Denim – Denim Recycling Clothing Line

My scissors is gone, so Anton went and bought me a new pair of scissors.

To do the patch work, we cut a piece of carton into the size which would like to have it. This gives a more accurate size of the fabric and then one is not small and the other one bigger than the other one.

After we cut all the pieces we put it on the pattern and get an idea how big it is and how to sew it together.

This is one way how to sew the seamline. It is basically the butterfly stitch and then sew it together so that it does not fry, because it is jeans.

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