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It was a while since I was on the blog. I had some issues which I had to attend to. I started to draw or design on Corel Draw some images to help me to design clothing for men. This is only ideas which I redraw from images which I got from the internet.

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We can only sanctify Him more and more -by Pieter Lategan

Game changer of the world.
A boy was born in the small town of Vinci in 1452

The school grounds were not his playground
He was only learned to read and write

His grandpa saw him and made him a star which will shine forever very far
He learned him nature life and creativity which turned into a skill for this boy to survive

1480 the boy grow into a man and make notes of buildings, airplanes, for military
The man who started Microsoft bought the 38 pages for 30 Million dollars a few years back.

The young man was a painter, and a musician and designed his own instruments
He thought himself and have problems like you and me.

The man with all these skills of design, inventions, was called Leonardo da Vinci

Last night I start looking at a documentary about Leonardo da Vinci and found it very interesting. It is sometimes amazing to see what certain people achieve in life with a few academic qualifications.

I met a girl when I was 14 years old and she was absolutely highly gifted. That was what her life is about, studying and being clever. I thought if you are clever you will have everything in life. Like you can become a doctor or a dentist and you are a leader. I spend years and years getting myself educated and find that the only way to survive or master your skill is actually by doing the work. This story is not about me, I write this story to tell more about Leonardo who was born in Italy in a small town called Vinci.

He was born on 15 April 1452 and his parents were not married. He did not have a formal school education but could read and write. I mean that was the basics. His grandfather saw he had certain skills and that was he is very good at observing, and he encourage him that.

In 1480 he started with notes about his observations, inventions, and art and in his lifetime he wrote about 13000 notes. That is what I try to understand and learn how to master the notes, what do you need to write about? There are a lot of things I found interesting in other people’s notes, and you start to understand what made the people or this artist good inventors, talented, and creative. In my opinion, I think that the more you look at an artist’s life and what he did you will understand what and why his artworks look like it looks. I mean I read a few years ago of an artist who gave shelter to poor people, and he was a very famous artist and he painted poor people. I believe that and that is what a psychologist also will tell you and that is that your environment makes you who you are. That is why I enjoy living in different places. I lived in some of the richest places in the world and then in the poorest places in Pretoria. I feel that everything changed in how I looked at things and the way I do my art. The way I feel and experience during the day.

Let’s go back to Leonardo, he was curious of mind and very good at observation, he had the skills to discover and invent and design new ideas. That I think is not that difficult to learn. You can learn it every day every time you look at something, you make it yours, change it, design it in your brain, reinvent it, and play with it. Draw it and work on it, understand it and master it. Make notes about it, say what you think about your work or the thing you design. Don’t do it for the future or for someone else, do it for yourself. Make a study on everything you design, invent, draw or paint.

He design a lot of military weapons and they think or say that he had a lot of conflict in himself that is why he had this desire to draw weapons. If I look at myself and that is I have a lot of anger in me, sometimes I think I am just bitter inside and upset. My work, design, the clothing which I start now, and my notes give me such a door out of my emotions. I think and people say and it is true that I am a very emotional person. I am not crying most of the time but I get angry, and I said that I get very upset. My mother is also like that and I think I got a lot of her creativity and anger from her. It is difficult for me to understand or look from the outside to understand what my work looks like. Does it show anger, hate, sadness? I don’t know it will be something I can figure out or must do to understand where can I make the negative-positive and improve my work. It is strange when I look at my friendship with Anton, Anton is very similar to my dad. He and my dad did the same career and were both teachers and schools where there were a lot of poor people who had a very difficult life. They had problems, not only financial but house problems, parent problems, alcohol problems, drugs, and sex. Both of them were not at a very rich school where the pupil at the school thinks to become a doctor or a dentist or even an engineer. The schools where they were were children with intellectual problems who did not really want to learn because in my opinion of their situations. Anton and my dad were people’s people, they like people and like to help and to understand them and assist them, and then also talk to them. Like da Vinci, they focus on other things like life skills, how to help the children cope with their problems not really on the academic side. My father did his Masters’s degree in education but I think he study during his life because he thought that if you are a teacher you need to be timely updated with the latest educational teachings.

Da Vinci tried to make artworks life-like like he studied what emotions people have and how it shows on their faces.

Leonardo liked toused oil-based paint, and that he used to paint.

In 1498 Leonardo started to think to publish his notes but never did that. I also work hours on my notes and feel also if it was worthwhile like Leonardo’s notes I would also like to publish it because it is a lot of work.

2 May 1519 at the age of 67 the boy who was from a small town called Vinci died.

Personal thoughts of Leonardo da Vinci:

I think with da Vinci he actually learned his whole lifetime. I think there was a need for him to explore more and more. I wonder if he had good schooling would he be so famous and so versatile? Shooling for some people only allows them to focus on the mainstream study areas. That is my opinion. If he was in a school he might just have a normal good job like engineering as a career and end up to be a good professor and a university. That could be? The fact that his grandfather helped him to develop in a totally different “schooling” than the normal mainstream child does, improved him that he had more freedom of thoughts and the ability to think for himself, as the children in school. He also could be more creative where he was as when he was in school.

I want to take it to myself, I never had art in school, never had the opportunity to study one day art history, and to learn about art and artists. Now when I am older I need to learn more about history. When I worked as an in-house designer at Voxtelecom in South Africa from 2003 till 2015 I always felt that I am not good enough, and I needed to go and study graphic design. I could not do graphic design because the university did not want to give me permission to study graphic design just because I did not have art at school. They only allowed me to study to become a decor painter. I always wonder in my career what would it be if that person just allow me to go and study graphic design? How useful I could be for the two big companies I worked for? But because of the, if I can say that, the lack of education in the field which I worked in, help me to explore more about my career as medal designer and inhouse graphic web designer for almost 19 years in the design sector. I think that could also be the reason why da Vinci never stop exploring and working and started to make notes because that help him to study. The notes help me to fill the lack which I could not have when I was young and were put into the mainstream conservative education system in my time when I was a learner at school and university.

I also would like to say is that in my opinion the fact that he had these wonderful inventions which still let people wonder and think he was far ahead his time, was because he felt there was a need for this what he invented. It was practical things which would make life or will make the life for people easier. He inspected and observe it with so much curiosity that he look further than the normal person in his time. Also, another factor is that later in his life he met very powerful people which gave him the opportunity to invent and can be creative. That helped to stimulate his thoughts.

How Leonardo da Vinci Changed the World

Drawing Assignment from Mareli – Camouflage Line

A dear friend asked me to do some drawings for her. It is a while since I draw something like pencil sketches like real ones. I did not really know what to do, she said I can draw anything which is in my mind. I thought yes that would be wonderful, just sit and draw lines and spend time on the detail of pencil drawings.

I got an idea to do lace. It is actually very simple and you can do a lot with the lace. You can draw a lot of detail, and I think she will like it.

Here are a few ideas which I got from the internet to get a rough idea of what I want to do. Everything is fashion related and that is my main focus.

Good Bye Hilda Nora – Camouflage Line

It was in August 2012 when I thought I want to do an investment in property. I bought an apartment in a very poor area in Pretoria which is called Mountain View for R275 000. I rent the place out while working in Johannesburg in Sandton.

The first tenants I had were three older people. The lady worked at the carwash and her husband was a security man. The other man didn’t have work and he helped pay the rent on his pension which he get from the government. It was a one-bedroom apartment which was 49 square meters and on the first floor of the building.

At the beginning of November 2017, I moved in there myself. I could not go to my place in Centurion because the rent money was good and the cost of life was lower in Mountain View than when it was in Sandton where I came from or Centurion in Pretoria. I rent in Sandton because the work moved me over to Johannesburg offices.

In the summer months, the place was as hot as hell and in the winter it was so cold I sat on the heater. It took me a while to settle in the place and between the new place and the people. I always in the evenings when I am lonely I go to Bergsig Hotel where I went and drink and chat with people. I left in the mornings around four o’clock and got home drunk and sleep till late. I did not really make friends but just start to know people.

This was a small little town in a city. Everything was within walking distance, the grocery store, the pharmacy, the place where I went and bought my cigarettes.

Today I moved finally out, it is a time I really would like to forget. I saw so much poverty, so much anger, and hate. I sold the apartment for R330 000

When you come into the apartment
Living room with northern windows.
South side of the living room
Living room with my painting
Work station in living room
Eastern window of lving room
Eastern side of living room
Front of building on the left hand side on top is my apartment
Living room northern and eastern windows
Living room northern side windows
Bedroom eastern side windows
Living room view to the eastern side
Living room northern window
Northern window outside living room
Living room eastern side
Parking area
Guest parking area
Hilda Nora 479 Irvine Ave Mountain View Pretoria South Africa Front view
Street view
Park on the other side of the building
Street view
Street view

Admin – Camouflage Line

I don’t think there are a lot of people who really like admin. I hate it with a passion and thought about it for a while if I have to upload the slips of the goods that we bought.

So to spare me and you all this I am going to load up everything I have since last year July 2021.

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