Search for a New Computer – Camouflage Line

I am looking around for a new computer. The reason why is that I want to do my fashion design on my software programs. Technology changed so much, you need to upgrade about every 5 years. It does not only get very expensive but also the software programs also need to get upgraded.

I look at the ASUS computer and look around where I can get the best price. Here are a few photos of where and what the specs are of the computer I am interested in.

Redesign of LAVI’s Logo – Camouflage Line

The same as yesterday, I can’t sleep. I stood up around half-past two and after a while, Anton was up and we started working. He made a short for his sister which is in hospital and I started to redesign the logo of LAVI.

I have redrawn the original logo and changed it a bit. I put the lettering next to each other so that it touches and can work as a jewelry piece, a board outside a shop, used as the logo of the company, or stitch it onto the clothing which we made instead of a label or print or embroidery.

I had a thought today about how to do my recording. First I start drawing in my portfolio. Just use a pencil and get my ideas. Start taking photos of my finished work. Go to my blog and put all the photos on the blog. Now the best part starts, I am going to do research about the history of the logo, for example where he started to originate. Why do I do this, I feel when you go to apply for a job, you can have a lot of helpful tools to help you to get a job. Normally nowadays when you apply for a job, you need to send your qualifications and a pdf format of your portfolio, and your CV. If you are lucky you get invited for the job, then with your reply you normally send your pdf portfolio again, your qualifications again, but when you have a blog you can put in the link in the email. This will give the employer a good idea of what is your strong and weak points. You have to write as much as possible, make notes, tell them your ideas, get new ideas, use as many samples what you can. This will not only let the employer see that you do quality work, but also for yourself to develop and become a better recorder. All these things will help you to be more creative, get more ideas and when you have a big project, you can give as much as you can to convince people to take your work. I think in the future you will have to have all these tools, like your CV, your portfolio, and the pdf portfolio. Work is starting to get more and more on contract-based work. You apply for a job, then work there for a week or a month, and then your work is done. Now when you do your recording, you can always go back and see what you did in the past, and do better on it. Don’t forget your social media platforms, make sure they have that, and be very careful what you post on your social media platforms, keep it neat and simple, employers look at that as well.

What I try to record on my blog, is everything I need to know to become a good designer, fashion designer, and artist. That is why it is so important for me to make notes of all the work I am doing, this can show me how do I develop and do my work. Also, it shows me where are my weak points, where am I lazy, and how can I do better, and also where are my good points.

The above design was meant to be a jewelry piece, it is bound by the oval.

This design above changed LAVI’s log, it is bound together by the letters themselves. That will make also the jewelry easy and compact and the badges which we would like to work on for our clothing lines. This might work out a lot cheaper than other metods. We think to make a mould and then make the logo out of resin.

Men’s Fashion – Camouflage Line

It is just after 4 o’clock on a Monday morning. The birds are singing and it is still dark. I can not sleep and sit on my bed and write. I love my blog and it is a kind of investment for me, not only as a fashion designer but also in my life.

I remember I was 17 years old and was dreaming to become a journalist. I wrote an essay for school and show it to my mother which worked as a journalist at the local newspaper in town, where we live. I showed her my essay and I remember she read it. I wrote it in my mother’s tough which is Afrikaans and she looked at me and said to me you never must consider a career in writing. Yes, I was a bit switched off and moved over to look for a new career. Those days, new jobs came and there was a need for more people in much more different jobs. In the old days, you can become a clerk or a teacher not like now, hobbies become careers. But to come back to my mother’s words, I realized with the blog, it is ok, to make a spelling mistake or whatever, I can at least do one thing that I always wanted to do and that is to write. Here I can see how many visitors I have on my blog and see which articles are read how many times, yes and I can be creative. If I had the internet when I was 17 years, I would start with a blog, and write, and can show it to a newspaper and they might consider me to become a journalist.

I am in the fabric stores at least once a week and then if I remember I look at the fashion books where you can find patterns. I find very little or few ideas for men’s clothing and Anton and I started to investigate. There is a need for men’s clothing.

I start doing research to see why there is not a lot of patterns for men. Is there a need for men’s fashion clothing? I find an article from the Guardian on the internet where they ask why are only a few men care for fashion.

For women, there are a lot of magazines and they are much more exposed to more fashion ideas and trends like for men. Men are also very conservative when it comes to fashion. Men’s wear gets less coverage in fashion shows and on tv channels or on youtube. Women’s wear can be ridiculous, weird, wonderful, gorgeous, and exciting.

The Guardian says men can have style but can’t have fashion. I think you will find a gap where you can cater for men or young men who will and can go a bit overboard with fashion. If you connect it with a specific event, like a special evening, you will be able to give the man something nice to wear in my opinion. If you look at a specific career there are men who can wear weird or very fashionable clothing to work. I find if you look at normal streetwear you need to go a bit conservative. It is time to find for the man a place in fashion and start to give him something to where which has style and is fashionable.

Men’s Swimwear Swim Shorts Trunks Beach Board Shorts. 

Movie Watched:

The Rhythm Section (2020) 

Stephanie goes into a downward spiral when she loses her family in a plane crash. Later, on learning that the incident was orchestrated by terrorists, she decides to take revenge.
Initial release: 27 January 2020
Actors: Blake Lively, Jude Law
DirectorReed Morano


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