Sunday Afternoon at the Shopping Mall – Camouflage Line

I slept late this morning, we went out to a club last night and enjoy it a lot. We had fun and a few drinks, and we dance. I stood up this morning around half past 10 and start cleaning and have a smoke and coffee.

Anton and I went for a coffee this afternoon at a shopping mall close by. We did a bit window shopping and walk around and had lunch.

I have a twitter account and I love this one store John Craig and if I pass there I take a photo inside the shop of me with their clothing on and post it on my twitter account. I got a few views on it and it helps with branding.

When we started to work with the cloths we thought of selling it at a flea market. We found this shop in the Kolonnade shopping mall, you rent a small little space and then you can sell your stuff there. We want to take a half meter space. It is going to cost us around R300 per month.

Eco Printing – Camouflage Line

Today Anton and I looked at eco-printing. The eco-printing technique is to transfer the plant color and shape. You will also see the detail of the plants in my case the leaves.

The design of the shirt Anton’s mother came to us with a new idea and that is eco printing. It is a very good idea to color your own materials and put motifs on them. It will therefore be a designer clothing piece. This is exceptional and the eco technique will work very well with the camouflage pants. It is difficult to get the right color and also garment for the camouflage pants. The colors of the eco fabric work perfectly with the pants and the pants bring out the colors of the shirt fabric very well. The eco print is an interesting process. The difference here is the leaves and flowers are picked fresh or old leaves and then physically hammered onto the material. The leaves and flowers are attached to the material. All disadvantage of the technique is that the cutting of the leaves or flowers is time consuming and having to chop material around meters and meters is going to take a very long time and is also physically demanding. I have an idea with the camouflage motifs and also to maybe put ethic on the material. The ethnic must be disguised by camouflage printing. It should be just so much that it just grabs your attention and then the camouflage remains predominant.

My Overlocker – Camouflage Line

We had a lot of problems with the overlocker. I took photos of how it stitched and it was a mess. I got it from two people and they say no I have to return it. I changed the Empisal overlocker to a Brother overlocker. I hope this one work and it gives better performance. Here are samples of how the fabric and the stitches look like.

Today I visit the Soviet store in Wonderboom Junction.

Wedding Dresses (Anton Designs) – Camouflage Line

It is early morning, and I am still up. I did not do a lot last night, do a few things which I feel like doing, did a bit sewing but lost interest because I don’t like the color of the fabric, Anton said he will finished the shorts. I was very happy about his decision and start drawing figure sketches which I want to use for my designs.

The wedding dress idea is from Anton, he wanted to make two wedding dresses before we going to the Western Cape to my Mother which is living in Still bay at the coast. Then we have spending money to use when we are down there.

I sketched a few drawings for Anton. He did not really like it, because he wants more detail which I understand now. I know now what he wants and we are going to work together when we get a client. I will do the drawing work and he will do the wedding dress design in paper, which will be then in 3D. That will be for the first and second visit of the client, then we will understand what the client wants.

Here are a few sketches which Anton downloaded form the internet, this will give me knowledge of and about the types of dresses you get. This will be the idea which he have when we start doing designs for the client. He also looked at hair styles which we are going to show at the client as well.

Camouflage Idea – Camouflage Line

I got this design on youtube, the male clothing design I like very much. I thinking now to sew camouflage fabrics together and make clothing from the fabrics which I did not use. It will be small pieces of fabric cuts.

Short Story by Pieter Lategan (Fiction)

Yesterday I went to the deed attorney, I sold my apartment here in Pretoria and need to sign documents. I took a friend with me and stop at an old home with this big garden. The grass is very long and there is a cat sitting outside in the garden. When we stop at the front gate, Anton got out of the car and opened the gate. This gate was hanging and squeaking when he opened it. A cat was sitting in front of the garage door. He was staring at us and I got the feeling that we are not welcome, at his or the owner’s house but that was not true the cat was thinking about the dinner that he had this morning. Fish food and a little bit of milk in the kitchen. He had last night’s leftovers, curry and rice, which he did not like.

We got out of the car and went to the front door. The secretary shouted from her desk, please come in. We went in and the cat’s biggest fear sits on the chair. He looked up and wave his tail and went back to sleep.

Anton and I went in and the secretary greeted friendly, “Please have a seat, I bring you coffee, or do you want tea?” she asked, Anton said he rather wants water and I said I had coke so nothing for me. She went to the bathroom and fill a class that was standing on the table in front of us and pour water for Anton. The dog jump up and walked with her. She came back and give a dirty class full of water for Anton, the dog jumped on his lap and licked at his face. Luckily the attorney came out. He had different socks on, one is blue and the other one is black. The shoes was polished a while ago, but at least he is friendly.

We walked to his office, and his sweaty face was blinking of all the sweat. He eventually took out the papers and asked me to sign. I sat back and reads the document and had a few questions to ask, I thought I rather want to go and stood up and he walked us out.

We were outside back in the garden and the cat sits now in the tree and looked around for birds to eat. He had heartburn from the curry and rice he had last night, and through up grass which he ate earlier. The secretary is busy cutting the grass bear foot in the garden. She waved at us and the dog run to her when she stop the lawnmower to open the gate for us. I got in the car, and the cat followed the dog with the secretary and stands there and wait for us to drive out.

Wedding Dress (Anton Designs) – Camouflage Line

Anton started to design a wedding dress, He started using towel paper to do the design, and then after that interesting color full paper. This is only an idea of how he wants to do the wedding dress. He is the clever one between us. He has the ability to do the difficult designs and the technical part.

Anton is a very strong fashion designer and he knows what he is doing. As a 50 percent partner, it is very nice to work with him.

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