Last Week of December 2021 – Camouflage Line

Anton and I was this week still in Hartbeespoort and came home on Tuesday. We enjoy the weekend away and started working on the clothing line. Here are still a few photos of the Harbeespoortdam dam wall.

Anton and I discuss how to give LAVI more exposure, we decided to give the models a jewelry piece like I shown below.

Below is a new fabric which we use to make pants with.

Hartbeespoort Dam 25 December 2021 – Camouflage Line

This morning is hot here at Hartbeespoort dam, a bit cloudy and a bit windy but nice. I took a few pictures of the view and the cabin.

I forget to write down my name on this artwork. I will put it in when I put these artworks in my camouflage line portfolio.

Today Anton and I had all the seasons here at Hartbeespoort dam, summer, winter, autumn, spring, cold weather, rain, hot weather, and sun. Sometimes you fight and sometimes you win or lose, but we are a team.

I don’t think I am a philosopher, I want to be a writer but I am definitely a recorder. My mother studied teaching at Goudstad Teaching College in Johannesburg where she met my dad. My mother was captain of the first team, the hockey team. My father was on the first rugby team. My mother did not really teach, she went into journalism, wrote news for a radio station, and have her own program on a Sunday morning. She later was editor of a newspaper. She is clever and she can write. My biggest dream in life is to write or say one of my biggest dreams. Language is not my best but I love English. I am Afrikaans speaking but prefer to write in English.

But I am a recorder, I record life, how to live, what happens, what is art about, how I do art and fashion. Everything I do I need to put down and record it, for me it is me see what I do and try to help me to understand what I am busy with.

I did drawings today when we went to a flea market close to where we are, Kosmos. I sat down and start to draw, people, the building, the bar, and plants. That is what I see around me. There was a point when I give up hope, why? I don’t know, life is not that difficult.

I want to send you a message – To Riaan

I am far from my family, far from you.
I thought of a phone call to you but I did that every year too.
You answer back but it broke my heart.

To send you today a message of blessings, I don’t know will you think about me too
I met someone new, he told me he love me you never ever did that to me or want to hear that from me.
I let his ex-friend come and see him after they split, I don’t think you ever thought about that to do that to me.
I went on with my new life and feel the love in me.

I am human, I am a person who loved you.
Forgive me that I am now thinking of you, it was every year so hard on me, to not know will I ever see you again.

It is fine, the hurt is been done, it is hard to feel and love again, but someone new is busy to win.
I am glad you glad that I moved on…

Pieter Lategan

Movie Watched:

DON’T LOOK UP | Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence | Official Trailer | Netflix (2021)

Two low-level astronomers must go on a giant media tour to warn mankind of an approaching comet that will destroy planet Earth.

Initial release: 5 December 2021
DirectorAdam McKay
Production companyHyperobject Industries

Hartbeespoort Dam – Camouflage Line

Anton made these shorts for me yesterday, it is lycra swimming wear which he struggles a bit with. The lycra fabric is difficult to work on because it rolls on the edges, and stretches a lot. Because of that, it makes it difficult to sew and you need to do a zig-zag stitch. If you want to put a seam in is the best way to overlock it. My Empisal is a good overlocker but is not really made to work on lycra or on t-shirt fabric. I am thinking to buy for us the Coverstitch machine which is built to work on lycra or stretch fabric like t-shirt fabric. I think of making swimming wear for men and underwear, it must be camouflage. It is difficult to find lycra camouflage fabric, but I think if you look online you will find it. I don’t really think that I will go the online route to buy fabrics, the best is to go to a shop, and then you will be able to see what is the quality of the fabric.

Today Anton and I went for a weekend break during Christmas weekend. We booked in at a lodge in Hartbeespoort dam. We have our own place to stay with aircon and a television. It is about 40 min drive from our house in Wonderboom. We booked on the internet and here is a jacuzzi and swimming pool. We are at Kosmos a village close to the dam.

Hartbeespoort Dam is a dam situated in the North West, and it is an arch-type dam. It is situated in South Africa and 20 km west of Pretoria and 35 km northwest of Johannesburg. The name of the dam means “dam at the gorge of the hartebeest (a species of antelope) in Afrikaans. It was a popular place for hunters to hunt hartebeest.

The dam was originally built in 1916 for irrigation to supply water for watering, as well for domestic and industrial use.

Anton’s granddad, Botha helped build the dam wall here at Hartbeespoort dam. They lived in Mountain View and he worked for Yskor in Pretoria.

It is 11:35 PM and I am sitting outside the cabin and writing.

This photos was taken just after 12 this morning. It was when the moon came up and its light was reflecting on the dam. Anton took the photos with his cell phone.

Music Listened to:


Swedish House Mafia and The Weeknd – Moth To A Flame (2021)

Camouflage Clothing – Camouflage Line

This is Anton’s first shirt which he made in three days. There was a problem with the seam and the collar but that was quickly sorted out.

Our iron broke today and we went and bought a new iron for us, this one has a special feature it shut down if you don’t use it, so it helps a lot.

Depression – Camouflage Line

This is now 20 to one in the morning. I sit alone on the blog and need to get this off my chest. To my viewers, I thank you for following me and reading my “stuff”. I am always surprised to see how many viewers I have on the blog, which can also be seen when I log in or when I am busy on my blog working and writing.

The day when I left my work at Voxtelecoms, I remember I phoned Pierre, I told him that I am going to leave the job, and he said to me go and do what you like. Now after 5 years, I find something that I could start working on, and that was fashion.

This time of the morning the depression is hitting me hard, I feel sad and actually very upset. I remembered my first day when went to study theater crafts that I went to the main campus and the Dean of the University of TUT said to us knowledge can you keep forever. That is true and knowledge he said is an important thing to have. I was ready for the world, I wanted to be a success, I stood alone on the pavilion at TUT and felt cold and think to myself on the first day, what am I busy with. I did not know what the future might hold? Will I be fine, never thought what change the politics will be on my future, on my family, what will it be to lose a parent? Never think about your personal future, I was so concentrated on my working career.

Both my brothers after their studies left the country and lived overseas, had very hard times, but the countries they live in, give them a future. Not only for them but for their family, their children. There are work, money, and success, which I feel with 30-years of hard work, I did not receive. All I can show is a car, which is ten years old, a one-bedroom apartment of 43 square meters to live in, and clothes that I bought throughout my working career. Is that fair? Everything I did in my life was for my work, everything I did was to keep and let other people, my managers to look good. Were those people worth it? Were the companies that I worked for worth it? When I look back I think to myself no, I don’t think so, even this country has no opportunities. I feel shy to say that I am this and did and did design my life, studied at a few places, paid a lot of monies to just learn. Now I feel that people just walked over me, they actually took my life away, they kill me inside and they left me now alone, after being missed used for 30 years.

I don’t see myself as a greedy person, I don’t just want to have everything, I was kind to people, never used my mouth to hurt them, sometimes yes I did choose my words well. Those people let me feel that I am stupid, not worth living, and have a lot of negative feelings, how do you forgive them after 30 years when you look back and think what the Dean of TUT said about knowledge, I must say I am going to disagree with him people can not only take your knowledge but also break you that you feel you don’t want to do anything anymore.

COVID – Camouflage Line

Anton and I sitting on the couch, Anton was positively tested for Covid, he feels a bit better and I was not that ill.

We slept a lot and are now up again, not really hungry. He got antibiotics from his doctor and I just took a lot of vitamins. Honey and lemon juice worked very well and ginger.

I am up and going so I need to start to work, and get in front of the sewing machine and start making clothes.

Sewing Pockets – Camouflage Line

Today I am going to try a new way to sew pockets, it will look different from the pockets I sew now on my pants and I make use of a video clip which I looked over and over to see how they exactly do it. Now I can do it on my own. They included in the first part of the video another way which I am going to focus now on.

First I am going to draw a pattern out of an A4 typing paper.

I made this pocket, it is not 100% but I have almost the idea, I will still work on it till have it 100%. This will take a while because this pocket is more difficult than the one that I working on now, this will be the second pocket in the Youtube video.

I am busy watching this series “You” which is on Netflix. I followed the series a year or two back and enjoy it, I don’t really like murder stories but it is all to watch on Netflix tonight while I am working. I look after Anton, he feels a bit better but will go to the hospital tomorrow to get a test. My lovely doctor Skye Scott in Johannesburg send me a reference to go and also have a test, but she said if I am not feeling sick I don’t need to go. She has a baby daughter Isla is her name. I am with Doctor Skye now for almost 6 years, I met her when I lived in Morningside Sandton. I worked there for Voxtelecoms as an in-house designer. I was with the company from September 2003 till November 2015. I left one day on the 19 November 2015 around 3: 40 PM. I will never forget that day. I remember I walked into the office and there was nobody, only me. Normally I had five colleagues with me in the office. I went and sat on my chair and made a phone call to Pierre, cleaned my table and took my computer and left. Without saying goodbye. I send an email the next morning around two o’clock to tell my manager that I am not going to come to work on Friday. I did not get a reply from Blanca, the manager. That was the end of my career at Voxtelecom and never went back.

Youtube Video Watched:

How To Sew Inseam Pockets | Sewing Techniques For Beginners | Thuy Sewing

Fashion vs AI (Robots) – Camouflage Line

The questions are already asked if robots will be replaced by fashion designers. That is a very interesting question. Can a robot create and be more creative and do that stitches like a person or a human which they normally refer to when they talk about robots and earthlings.

After a vote people say there is about a 3% chance that this career as a fashion designer will be fully automated by robots. It can be that in the next two decades a lot of fashion designers can be replaced by robots, but in my opinion, a person can be more creative and we as humans have the ability to be more intelligent as a robot, so our work has to improve and we need to understand what the robots can deliver to deliver better or more a valuable product.

If you look at hand designs it is been replaced by many software programs like CAD. It makes it easier to design, I love to draw and my knowledge of computer software programs is of 23 years of work experience. I must say I enjoy creating with a pencil and using a brush and paper to paint. It is different, and this is a skill you always have to develop and practice. It does not matter if you work on software on a computer you still need to understand the basics of drawing. Computers will help you to work faster to design because I feel fashion is very fast, faster as a graphic designer job. You have hard deadlines and where graphic designers just do the design and do not really worry about the printing of the artwork, it is all done by someone else. Where a fashion designer has to design, looking for the right fabrics, have to work to get the garment done. He is in the middle of the whole process. The work is harder and the deadlines tighter.

Trends are the keyword by fashion, and the question is will the robots or AI understand trends like humans, will they be able to visit fashion shows and decide which garment people will wear. There will be always something new in fashion and that will determine what the people like and want to wear. I think Anna Wintour will die immediately if she is replaced by a robot at Vogue.


Youtube Video Watched – My favorite ice skaters.

Vanessa James Morgan Cipres SP 2017 World Team Tokyo

Short Trousers – Camouflage Line

Today we went to a clinic to get us tested for Covid, it cost a huge amount of money so we leave and need to go to a specialist to give us a reference to get tested by the medical aid. I also don’t feel well, a little fewer but not that bad.

Anton and I are in the house and put us now under quarantine to keep us in the house. It is summer and it is hot, to be sick in this climate is not nice.

Today I am looking at short trousers. What is interesting is that everything which was made has a small history, for me, it is important to know that to get not only ideas but to understand things like, why did men start wearing short trousers, which countries, and what role does climate play on wearing clothing. For instance, the military and policemen wear short trousers in the hot place’s in the UK the children or boys wear them in school and when they are older they start wearing long trousers, normally when they reach puberty.

In different countries the people have different names for short trousers for example in India it is called half pants, in Australia, it is called stubbies and in the UK it is referred to as athletic shorts, sports shorts.

Knickerbockers or Knickers

These pants are called knickerbockers or knickers and were baggy and normally gathered at the knee and were tightened by a buckle or button.

It was worn by men during the 19th century and also became fashionable under women. This garment was usually worn as sportswear under golfers and for women cyclists.

 Designer unknown (American). Black knickerbockers, ca. 1900. Cotton. New York: The Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1983.44.4. The Jacqueline Loewe Fowler Costume Collection, Gift of Jacqueline Loewe Fowler, 1983. Source: The Met

The Berg Dictionary of History of fashion design defines knickers as follows:

“A loose form of breeches of tweed, etc., fastening with a band below the knee; introduced at first for the voluntary militia, and then used by civilians for country pursuits; “cut three inches wider in the leg and two inches longer than ordinary breeches” (1871, The Tailor & Cutter). Usually worn with a Norfolk or other type of sports jacket for golf, etc. The name derived from the fictional Dutch founders of New York as depicted by Washington Irving in his History of New York by Dietrick Knickerbocker (1808).”

“Some 19th-century women wore ‘bloomers’ or knickerbockers for cycling – like this woman in Christchurch in 1896. But this attire sometimes attracted abuse from onlookers, as members of the city’s Atalanta Cycle Club found. They decided to revert to skirts in 1893, but later relaxed the rule as people got more accustomed to seeing women in trousers on bikes.”


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