Artist: Pieter Lategan Graphic Design Scrapbook
Title: “WOW BABY”
Dimensions: 800 x 984 px
Program Use: Photoshop
Style: Pop Art
Place of Origin: Pretoria, South Africa


Today I would like to discuss Richard Hamilton an artist from the United Kingdom, he is known for producing some of the earliest works of Pop Art. The most recognizable works were the Study of a Fashion Plate (1969) which was done in a collage.

Artist: Richard Hamilton (b.1932)
Fashion-plate (cosmetic study II), 1969 collage, enamel, acrylic, and cosmetics on lithographed paper 39 3/8 x 27½in. (100 x 70cm.)

Hamilton was introduced to Eduardo Paolozzi’s (a Scottish sculptor and artist and considered to be one of the pioneers of Pop Art.) where they create collages in the late 1940s and early 1950s that are now considered to be the first standard bearers of Pop Art.

Paolozzi was interested in everything and would use a variety of objects and materials in his work, particularly his collages.



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