Baby Sleeping Bags – The Camouflage Line

Today I worked on the baby sleeping bags, I bought these fabrics at a special in Krugersdorp. I keep a record in my recording book where I bought this material and what it cost that day. It is also very important to write down the name and the code of the fabrics to keep track of it and to buy and compare it with other shops.

I tried to use the overlocker to do overclocking on the fleece but it was not very successful. Instead, I used the sewing machine and did a zig-zag first on the edges, and then a straight stitch next to the zig-zag.

Today I was starring at the TV cupboard. On the door below the TV, there were drawings of Anton’s toddler grandchildren. All the children draw on the walls and doors, that is what they do. They are naughty, they are creative, and for sure they are going to be punished because they need to know that crazy and dumbs writes on walls and glasses.

When you are older you sometimes wish that you had had that drawing still on your walls, although you were angry, although you were the one to clean it yourself, you gave the little one the education to draw on a piece of paper and that is correct. Yes, I agree, that is the way you have to do it. But when you lose your grandchildren you find that those sketches can be the only sketches that you have from them. You stare at it, you get a smile, you look at it and said to yourself thank you that I did not clean it, I actually need to take a photo with it and keep it in a safe place or frame it and when that child turns 18 years old, you can give it as a present and that will for sure give a big laugh in the family and everyone will think it is sweet.

I spoke to Anton about the drawing of his grandchild and he said he remember the day when the child draw on the cupboard. I said to him what I think and he said he never thought about that.

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Cast: Richard Gere and Diane Lane

Director: Adrian Lyne