This year’s fashion show at Mall of Africa (2021) – The Camouflage Line

This jacket was made by Anton for me. He used the same rose camouflage fabrics which I used for my shorts. It has a military look, a green shirt and pants, and booty shoes. We put bling in, on the left-hand side diamonds to give a kind medal feeling, and then the roses on the shoulders the rank, like the clothing the men in the defense force so both this clothing is muscular and feminine. Feminine and at the same time also a very strong muscular feeling in this style. As I said this is all part of the camouflage line which the jacket is not really part of it, because we focus on the shorts for now.

Every year South Africa has a Fashion Week, I and Anton are going to attend. The clothing above is what I am going to wear to the fashion show in Johannesburg. It is going to be an evening event that is why I put so much bling on.

Music Listened to:

J2 The Iconic Series Vol,5 – Hit me Baby One More Time (2017)