The Fashion Business – Camouflage Line

The fashion business is about designing, manufacturing, and selling different kinds of clothes. This business revolves around creativeness, uniqueness, efficiency. A very few words to describe what fashion is about. It is a very competitive business but it is a lot of fun.

Today I worked hard, was up early, had coffee and make my own bed, and started working on shorts for the camo line. I work much faster and still struggle with the elastic of shorts. That will sort itself out, Anton my business partner said he will help me with that.

Soviet Jeans in South Africa message me on Twitter today, I was very happy about that and I dream to design for them, we will see, maybe they will willing to have a look at our ideas. Relationship, quality, good work, hard work, will show the road.

This is how you start knowing people. You have to interact with people in the industry where you are in. It is important to know you, clients, understand them and they must know you, by using social media, your blog/website, or in person. Today with technology life is very fast and a lot of people react to WhatsApps, emails, and voice messages.