Study 10 Notebook P5 – Young Man

Artist: Pieter Lategan
Title: Study 10 P5 – Notebook Young Man
Medium: Drawing Book A4, Pencil B Wood, B3 Pencil Wood, B4 Pencil Wood,
Dimensions: 210 X 297 mm / 8.27 X 11.69 inches
Style: Imaginary, Impressionism
Art Subject: Portrait, Realism, Imaginary
Place of Origin: Pretoria, South Africa

My Personal Notes

What do I think about my sketch? It is not placed in the middle just a little bit to the left. That is my mistake when I start to draw the circle of the face. The eyes are working, it is now correct, the nose works a bit, the mouth needs more work. I think the ears are working, I used an impressionistic style to do this work, with lines. First I started with a 2B Pencil Wood, then 3B Pencil Wood, and finally 4B Pencil wood.

Also, I used the Reilly Drawing Method to do this sketch and I must say it works for me better than the Looming Drawing Method.

Educational Value

What is Rhythm in Art

It means the arrangement of shapes in a way that creates an underlying platform/beat. It is almost the same as music but does not have a sound you use shapes and colors instead. It is usually achieved through repetition of lines, shapes, colors, and more. It also creates a path for the viewer to follow.

You get types of Rhythm

Alternating Rhythm

That is when two or more components are used interchangeably. Some of them are alternating light and dark colors or repeating shapes and colors.

Andy Warhol, Untitled from Marilyn Monroe, 1967

Random Rhythm

It is a rhythm that contains repeating elements but not in a specified order or arrangement.

Chuck Close, Self Portrait, 2007

Flowing Rhythm

It contains curved or circular elements that give movement to the art.
Some samples of them are flowers, clouds, or waves.

Vincent van Gogh, The Starry Night, 1889

Regular Rhythm

This is an artwork with repeating elements in a specified order or arrangement. That can be evenly spaced windows or tiles.

Andy Warhol, Twenty-Five Colored Marilyns

Progressive Rhythm

It is an artwork that contains repeating elements in patterns that change either in size or color as they repeat.

Jasper Johns, Three Flags, 1958


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