Sewing Pockets – Camouflage Line

Today I am going to try a new way to sew pockets, it will look different from the pockets I sew now on my pants and I make use of a video clip which I looked over and over to see how they exactly do it. Now I can do it on my own. They included in the first part of the video another way which I am going to focus now on.

First I am going to draw a pattern out of an A4 typing paper.

I made this pocket, it is not 100% but I have almost the idea, I will still work on it till have it 100%. This will take a while because this pocket is more difficult than the one that I working on now, this will be the second pocket in the Youtube video.

I am busy watching this series “You” which is on Netflix. I followed the series a year or two back and enjoy it, I don’t really like murder stories but it is all to watch on Netflix tonight while I am working. I look after Anton, he feels a bit better but will go to the hospital tomorrow to get a test. My lovely doctor Skye Scott in Johannesburg send me a reference to go and also have a test, but she said if I am not feeling sick I don’t need to go. She has a baby daughter Isla is her name. I am with Doctor Skye now for almost 6 years, I met her when I lived in Morningside Sandton. I worked there for Voxtelecoms as an in-house designer. I was with the company from September 2003 till November 2015. I left one day on the 19 November 2015 around 3: 40 PM. I will never forget that day. I remember I walked into the office and there was nobody, only me. Normally I had five colleagues with me in the office. I went and sat on my chair and made a phone call to Pierre, cleaned my table and took my computer and left. Without saying goodbye. I send an email the next morning around two o’clock to tell my manager that I am not going to come to work on Friday. I did not get a reply from Blanca, the manager. That was the end of my career at Voxtelecom and never went back.

Youtube Video Watched:

How To Sew Inseam Pockets | Sewing Techniques For Beginners | Thuy Sewing