Redraw of Florian Nicolle Pencil Sketch

Artist: Pieter Lategan
Title: Redraw of Florian Nicolle Pencil Sketch
Medium: A4 Paper Pencil, H, HB, B, B2

Nicolle is a Freelance graphic designer who is also a Frenchman based in Caen, France, who creates logos, graphic charters, flyers or illustrations.

He published a series of pencil portraits transposing with realism ( is the accuracy of expression or detail in objects. It is drawn in photographic precision. Realism in the sense is also called naturalism, mimesis or illusionism.) and virtuosity (a great technical skill in the art.)the spontaneity of the first strokes. The outlines of the faces appear discretely and the tones vary cunningly from white to black in order to reproduce the effect of lights and the textures.

So what do I think about my own work?

I draw about three and a half hours on this sketch and it was very difficult, I actually got frustrated. The tones he uses is difficult, it is from what, then greys, and then blacks. The balance of the sketch was difficult, the eyes are stronger drawn than the mouth. To get that balance correct was difficult and I don’t think I really succeed in that. Florian has good skills and I think his work is wonderful.


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