Placket – Men’s Camouflage Wear

Think Like a Fashion Designer:

  • Use your imagination – it is free thinking and unlimited, be creative every day.
  • Be insane curious, that will help you to be inspired and to think out of the box and seek new ideas
  • Be observant. Looking for a pattern and trends.
  • Don’t overlook simple familiar things. If you can use simple things well you can create endlessly. Designers go back to simple things like a t-shirt and use it again.

What About Us – Pieter Lategan

Late night, feeling cold with a ice block next to me
Blankets can change to heat.
So much happens in the mind, my mind.
It can be imagination or something real which I can’t see.

There is nothing worse than unhappiness.
With no joy inside my flesch

Anton sits now for two days with the placket. He perfects it with his second try, so now he will explain that to me.

Image Pieter Lategan
Image Pieter Lategan
Image Pieter Lategan

You get two kinds of placket, the sleeve placket and then the collar placket, it works exactly on the same principle. Both of them gets buttons.

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