Paavo Nurmi Total Medals: 12

Artist:Pieter Lategan
Title: Paavo Nurmi
Total medals: 12
Medium: A4 Pencil H

Paavo Nurmi the top-ranked athletes from track and field at the Olympic Games total medals won12.
With Cordanavirus all over the world, I am not sure if the Olympics in Japan is going to happen. I thought it good to draw Paavo from a photo that I got from the Internet.

He was a Finnish (13 June 1897 – 2 October 1973) middle-distance and long distanced runner and had the nickname “Flying Finn. He set 22 official world records at distances between 1500 meters and 20 kilometers.

He left school at the age of twelve to provide for his family. In 1912, he was inspired by the Olympic feats of Hannes Kolehmainen and began developing a strict training program.

Nurmi was suspended before the 1932 Games by the IAAF council that questioned his amateur status and 1934 he retired from running.

Numi later coached Finnish runners, raised funds for Finland during the Winter War, and work as a haberdasher, building contractor, and share trader, eventually becoming one of Finland’s richest people.

So what do I think of my work?

I draw it from a black and white photo and felt that work very well. It is almost there, I think I did a good job with the eyes, but struggle with the nose. The mouth was a bit difficult with the v-shape lips he has. I really need to work on a background idea that will work for my portrait studies.

I am very proud of myself today I did two portrait sketches and want to try to do that every day. I get tired but I need much more practice before I can think of starting painting in oil, but that is my goal.


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