Male Figures for Design – Camouflage Line

I can’t sleep tonight so I stood up and start to see what I can find to do. It is very hot so it is difficult to sleep. I struggle to put the elastic into my shorts, but Anton said he will help me to do that, he is better than me, I learn from him. So it takes me more time and more effort to finish a piece of work as he does, but I work hard and I need to focus more.

I found these three male images on the net to help me to do my design. This is a very basic male figure drawing, with color and the correct skills it will be possible for me to give these figures nice designs. It comes to one point, that is to do it, and to work hard, actually two points.

Master Design 1a

I redraw the photostat which I have on a normal A4 paper and called it Master 1a. The reason for that is that I have still had two other drawings which I consider using.

I see a lot of Fashion Designers use the same figure drawing over and over in their designs, all that changes is the garments. I think most of the time you think of continuity which gives the design work, a very professional look. It won’t distract you if you have the same figure over and over. If you have too many different figures it gets too busy and it can distract the viewer who is looking at the designs.

I have now three master designs, and I called them Master 1a, Mater 1b, and Master 1c. I will at the end choose one of the designs for my male camouflage line. Then I will work on that, if I get a better sketch of a male figure I am going to use that one instead.

Master Design 1b
Master Design 1c

I actually preferred Master design 1a, because the figure looks straight in the eyes of the viewer, it is strong and for me, it shows stability. Master 1b and Master 1c are the same figure the one without clothes and the other one with clothes. I thought this figure will not work because the head is tilled and it is too busy and I see too many emotions in this sketch. The way he walks is different from Master 1a. I like Master 1b and Master 1c the most because it is different and the figure looks alive and it looks like if he is moving forward. So I think for what I want to use it for it can work. I now understand the importance of the choice of your figure drawing, and what I will look for in the future when I am going to draw figures. I think I will use a specific figure for jackets, a different one for shorts and a different one for trousers and shirts. I will continue to look for something that will work.

Now I think of maybe using a very artist drawing which shows a different angle of the figure, that can work, but I rather say that you need now to be very careful if you like to do that.

The Three Master Designs for the Figure Fashion Designs

What I did was that I redraw the three master designs in my Portfolio which I will keep basically forever, it is part of my recording of how did I start to find my ideas and this is the beginning of LAVI’s Fashion designs. I put all the master designs on one paper because I can save space and I don’t need one image on an A2 page, I easily fit three images (the master designs) on the A2 paper/portfolio. When you turn the paper on the other side, I left it blank so that I can put it underneath the light box and I can easily redraw it again. So the basic master design will always stay the same.

The image above is the photostats that I work from. I also put it in my portfolio so that I can always look at it again, and keep it for my recoding, where I started with the idea.

This A4 pencil sketches I redraw from the photostats and it is actually my master but, I don’t want to just glue it in the portfolio and redraw it from that, instead, I redraw it on an official page of my portfolio and then I keep the backside of the page open so that I can easily redraw the figures from the Master in the portfolio.