Love, Laugh, Live

Artist: Pieter Lategan Graphic Design Scrapbook
Title: Love, Laugh, Live
Dimensions: 600 x 848 px
Programs Use: Photoshop / Illustrator
Style: Photo Art
Place of Origin: Pretoria, South Africa

Laugh – by Pieter Lategan

A real laugh burns the ego to death to nothing and threw away the mask you wear and hide and bring the beauty out of you. When laughing you forget about the temporary and forget the fear which kills your soul.

Jokers are important people, figures in our society and we need them to think free and let people laugh to take away the pain, but remember sorrow and pain give balance and it is one process.

When you lonely or with other people and you laugh show your teeth and look ugly because that makes you beautiful.

Inspired by:

Dr. Abel Pienaar has two degrees in Theology (University of Pretoria) and a doctorate in Philosophy of Religion. He worked for eleven years as a full-time pastor in the Dutch Reformed Church in a macro congregation in Pretoria. During this time he was elected director of the Synod: Center for Spirituality, a position he held until he resigned from the Dutch Reformed Church in 2006.