LAVI – The Logo

Every business needs to have a logo. That is part of its identity. This tells you what the business does and who they are. The logo also shows the stability of the company, what I mean by that is if you change the logo often it can create uncertainty with your clients. The logo is a strong marketing tool that you can use, it is very easy to use in advertisements, clothing lines, corporate wear as part of your marketing and to stand out.

Anton created the logo and I was very glad that I don’t have to do that, we choose a word logo and only one color so that it can be easily readable and used soft lines to create to make the logo friendly. Sharp lines make a logo aggressive but round curves make it soft.

The logo forms a small part of the corporate identity of the business, the corporate identity is something in the business which you can treat as a person. That tells you who we are and what we do, the corporate identity, explains the business, and not the people. The people who work for the company need to adhere to the corporate identity because to build the business name. It is important for the business to use the corporate identity correctly and continuity is important through all advertisements and in our business clothing lines.

What I try to do is to build a strong brand name, the way I and Anton think to do that is to brand the clothing line outside with the logo. Instead of using the logo on the inside of the clothes, we think to put the logo label on the outside of the clothing line. We think of embroidery but also look at the print.