Karl Lagerfeld – Camouflage Line

Youtube Video Watched.

Today I watched a documentary by Karl Lagerfeld, who died in 2019 was a very famous fashion designer.

What interests me in this man, is that they show him a few times and said he always was drawing. I think that was a way for him to escape. This was part of how he relaxed and think, which I do when I feel like drawing is to think and to escape from everything.

If you look at this photo he is the boy who is sitting with his cross legs, he is the only boy which was sitting in that position. I get a laugh about it, it shows he was very different and the teachers who taught him in school said he was always different and dress differently.

Today I was watching a youtube video and saw a fashion designer which took old designs and revamp them. I was thinking to do it with the military uniforms or wear which they wear throughout of the years.

What I like of this man’s cloths is the long sleef shirt and the shorts

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