Fashion vs AI (Robots) – Camouflage Line

The questions are already asked if robots will be replaced by fashion designers. That is a very interesting question. Can a robot create and be more creative and do that stitches like a person or a human which they normally refer to when they talk about robots and earthlings.

After a vote people say there is about a 3% chance that this career as a fashion designer will be fully automated by robots. It can be that in the next two decades a lot of fashion designers can be replaced by robots, but in my opinion, a person can be more creative and we as humans have the ability to be more intelligent as a robot, so our work has to improve and we need to understand what the robots can deliver to deliver better or more a valuable product.

If you look at hand designs it is been replaced by many software programs like CAD. It makes it easier to design, I love to draw and my knowledge of computer software programs is of 23 years of work experience. I must say I enjoy creating with a pencil and using a brush and paper to paint. It is different, and this is a skill you always have to develop and practice. It does not matter if you work on software on a computer you still need to understand the basics of drawing. Computers will help you to work faster to design because I feel fashion is very fast, faster as a graphic designer job. You have hard deadlines and where graphic designers just do the design and do not really worry about the printing of the artwork, it is all done by someone else. Where a fashion designer has to design, looking for the right fabrics, have to work to get the garment done. He is in the middle of the whole process. The work is harder and the deadlines tighter.

Trends are the keyword by fashion, and the question is will the robots or AI understand trends like humans, will they be able to visit fashion shows and decide which garment people will wear. There will be always something new in fashion and that will determine what the people like and want to wear. I think Anna Wintour will die immediately if she is replaced by a robot at Vogue.


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