Camouflage Ideas from the Internet – Camouflage Line

I am now just looking for ideas, this is a collection of images which I got from the internet, some of them are it the colors which I am looking at and some of them it is the design or kind of clothing they designed or made with camo.

What I like about these camo shorts is the design and the bright color usage with the butterflies. It looks interesting and very playful. This is a nice design for fabrics. If it was a jacket I would like to bead hand embroidered the butterflies. This will give a bling and makes it more attractive.

If I could make this gym suit I would use lycra because it sits tide on the body and the lycra will also be stretched around the body.

I found this camo sculpture on the net which is for sale, at an online art shop. I was thinking if we make a mannequin I would like to do it in paper mache, this will give a very modern look and I like the way he stands, the colors are very interesting.

The four images on top are jeans, and I don’t see any camo jean fabric in the fabric stores. I like the patched ones. It breaks a bit of the camo and makes the jean more colorful. I would not stitch it by hand but rather with the machine. There are bling around the pockets which makes it very nice, but I think it will be difficult to wash it.

These shorts above is very much the same shorts we make. The fabric is very nice and the print is working very strong for the camo look and feel. It is difficult to get this kind of fabrics in South Africa. The best way is to design and print your own fabric and I think polyester will work the best for these shorts.

This camo design is very much the Andy Warhol type of style. It is bright colors and the designer uses purple, green, and orange and breaks away from the traditional camo design and color.

Camo is a painting by Bill Owen which was uploaded on January 30th, 2019.

This painting is camo, I think what makes this painting camo is the hair which is in a camo shape. It is very hidden and the black is very dark for camo.

This is part of my portfolio, I collect business cards and put it in my portfolio,