Artist: Pieter Lategan
Title: Bird
Medium: Acrylic on Paper
Size: A4

Characteristics of my work

I think my work is very colorful, ethnic and it is people-based ( most of the work, and that is what I want to do. Currently, I am more focus on the Zulus which make my theme unique, it is about what they wear and how they use their color). What I try to do with my work is to modernize the Zulu culture into my paintings. My work is about culture, is about the people living in South Africa. It is about there style and how to improve on it. My goal is to pull constancy of certain characteristics of my work. The work must always relate to each other. My ideas came directly from the ethnic styles and use of the Zulu culture/tribe. It is also about the complexity of the different tribes and people in South Africa, which I will later give attention to. I will also look to combine unique characteristics of them in my work, and they make it my own style. Short of trying to create new art for the tribes, to extend their possibilities by using their creativity. Types of accessories are also been used to show what the culture liked and what they wear.

My work focus on abstract and modern art. I focus on real decorative art similar which can be used on fabrics, textiles were my favorite subject when I studied.

My work is very lavish and outlandish and not minimal. However, some of the caracoles, acrylics and pencil sketches are somehow minimalist which accompanied each painting as part of my recording. I need to create my own unique paintings with my style that reflect my personality which
gives an identity to my own “brand” and helps to differentiate it from the crowd. I am very strict to give quality work, to make sure that I use the materials, sprays, canvasses as required. It is very important for me to go through the instructions on how to use the materials so that it can live very long. My focus is not to become a commercial African life Sketcher but to look more to the artistic side of it.

My target customers or art buys are the people who enjoy and appreciate modern art. The framework which I want to pull through all my work makes it expensive and therefore I need to focus above the
normal income person, businessman, and collectors. I want to be known as an African Life Sketcher with very rich color use, use my own style and
develop and improve. Like what the Romans did with the Greek art which they copied I think I will do.

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