Becoming a Street Portrait Artist.

I got this article on the internet of becoming a portrait artist and I found it very interesting. The reason why I write an article about this topic is that my goal is to become a portrait artist. I would like to do portraits on the streets and see how it will go for a time. I think it is easy money to make but very hard work and there are a lot of problems to do such a thing.

The problem with doing portraits is that if it isn’t a good resemblance, everyone will notice that. The client will tell you in no uncertain terms. You don’t want to hear it if you spend a long time doing it. It is very difficult to become a portrait artist in my opinion. Also, your own techniques will eventually shine through and it takes patience. Every painting has its own problems and that you will learn very soon when you start to draw or paint. It is important to find a solution around it.

One thing to keep in mind is when you draw a picture of a person don’t let it look that the person is older than he or she is.

If the person has well-defined features it is easier to make a drawing or a painting of such a customer.

In this article, it is being said that if you like to become a portrait artist it is going to take you about two years of hard work and intensive study of how to draw and paint a person. It can take you longer. You need to be skilled in business and art. Also, it depends on what you are comfortable with and your level of interest.
In my case landscapes, painting, and drawings or animals do not interest me. This is why I choose portraits.

I want to sit on the streets and draw people to see how it will go and I think it will be a very good exercise to learn and get that skill. The article says that the most difficult part is to draw or paint the likeness of the person in such a short time. It is also been said that fifteen minutes is the best time to draw or paint a person. The people want to go and shop and wandering around. The customer gets restless after that time. I think the best way is to quickly draw the outlines and get the idea of the face, take a picture and let the customer do his or her thing and come and fetch it after an hour.

The article says the most difficult part was to capture the texture of African-American and Latino’s hair, especially the ones that were weaved. You must then let the person know that the session will take longer than 20 minutes because of the detail on the hair. I think that this also applies when you need to draw or paint clothes. In my experience, it took a very long time to draw clothes, if you can get a quick way out then I think you must do that.

The keyword is practicing makes it perfect.


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