American Artists was Bombarded with Advertising

Artist: Pieter Lategan Graphic Design Scrapbook
Title: American Artist was Bombarded with Advertising
Program Use: Adobe Suite

Pop art was a movement, along with Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, Eduardo Paolozzi, and James Rosenquist. In 1952 a group of ten artists met regularly to discuss pop art culture in art. They were known as the Independent Group, and while they were suspicious of the commercialization of pop culture in art, they were inspired by the imagery of Western movies, science fiction, comic books, and billboards. The term Pop art was originally from the Uk in the 1950s. The pop-art pieces produced by American artists were very bold and aggressive compared to UK artists. The American artist, who was constantly bombarded with advertising, used the imagery in their art with a dramatic, ironic sense.


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