A New Start in Clothing – Study 9

It was at the beginning of February 2021 on a Sunday when I party a bit and been in the sky that afternoon. Was still flying during the next morning. I met this guy on the internet and we started talking. I drove off to his house about 4 Km from my apartment in the morning half-past three during the lockdown in the Covid Pandemic.

I got to his house and we were chatting and I left at 7 o’clock in the morning. Both of us had problems and that was what we had in common. I never thought that I will see him again but we kept in contact. Later on, we began to start a friendship. I never realized how lonely I were and someone just jumps into my life and gives color to me. We, later on, realized that we had a lot in common in that sense is that we studied at the same campus teaching, both of our dads were teachers. He was also very much into decor and theater but did not study theater crafts as I did. Both of us liked crafts, paint, and other art. So we start building a friendship.

One evening I and my new friend sat and were talking, and he said he wanted to start a clothing line for the bigger women. Then I knew this will be the business I really like to be in. I said to him lets start the business and both of us agreed. So I bought myself a sewing machine and overlocker a few days thereafter. I was thinking of making clothing for the bigger man but realized that will be very difficult.

A new road was built and now I still wonder what is going to happen and have a new topic on my blog now which will start a new journey through my life maybe. Still, I am going to continue writing and keep a record of my studies. The studies will all be part of a painting that will be created. When the painting will be finished I can’t tell because I don’t know what the painting will look like anymore and I think it will not be portraits. This new journey will all be a part of the development of the painting which I will paint in this specific study.

Brother GS3700 Sewing Machine – R2999

Empisal Sewing Machine 760C (Overlocker) – R2900

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