Sewing Tips

Make a Giant Fabric Butterfly: A MUST Have for any sewing space
You need to have fusible foam.

Borboleta de tecido_DOIS tamanhos diferentes

Sewing Projects For Scrap Fabric [Part 19] DIY Fabric Butterflies | Origami Fabric Butterfly

4 Great Tips for Sewing | Sewing Techniques

You just want to sew Plackets like this | The best Way to sew Plackets | Sewing tips and tricks

How to Pin Fabric – Camouflage Wear

My first Shirt

Image Anton Visser
Images Anton Visser
Image Pieter Lategan
Image Pieter Lategan

My placket.

I got this video on YouTube of how to pin your fabric for sewing. I find this video very helpful to understand how to do that.

Placket Make and Top Stitch.

Image Pieter Lategan
Image Pieter Lategan

How to Pin Fabric for Sewing? Can you sew over pins? -2 ways to pin fabric plus my method!

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