Study 13 Man 20 May 2020

Artist: Pieter Lategan
Title: Study 13 Man 20 May 2020
Medium: Marlin Paper, B Pencil
Dimensions: 210X297MM

Face Expression

Facial expressions are a big part of conveying the mood and actions of a person. Big facial expressions are a critical part of getting that emotional response you need.

Faces are hard to draw, the challenges include eyebrows, ears, hair, eyes, mouth and nose placement, necks, clothing, etc. There is a lot to do and to think about and a lot of things that can go wrong.

The size, shape, and direction of the eyes and eyebrows can tell a lot about how to make the rest of the face.

When drawing eyes at the same time is a good practice to get them to look even and to make sure they point in the same direction, and then subtracting lines and adding details.

The technique that works the best is the “oval technique”, which means drawing geometric shapes first (an oval for a face). I usually start with the eyes, then the nose, then the mouth, then the ears, and then the hair.

So this is for me the nice part of my notes, and that is to criticize my own work.

I worked from a tutorial and I find it very good. For my first effort I expected a better result, but to be in a learning process you can’t draw from the start 100%. I believe there are people who are able to do that.

If you look at the nose it is really looking very feminine, the mouth looks very angry and it is not correctly drawn. The chin is also too small for a man and will fit with a lady, so I would think it must become stronger or wider, I don’t know what the word would be.

Further on I like it, it is my first effort and there is only space for improvement.


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