Study 12 Anatomy The Hip

Artist: Pieter Lategan
Title: Study 12 Anatomy The Hip
Medium: Marlin Paper, B, B3 Pencil
Dimensions: 210x297MM

What nice is about your own work, is that you can say what you want, and what you think. You don’t have to impress anyone. If you don’t like it you just don’t if you find it interesting it is for you something to look at.

So what I try to say is that, when someone comes to me and asks what news do you like to hear first, I normally and I think most of us want to hear, the bad news first and then the good news.

But as I said is what nice is about criticizing your own work is that you can start with the bad news or the things you don’t like. So I have the opportunity to start with what I don’t like at that is, in my opinion, the drawing is not well balanced. The right-hand side is darker than the left-hand side. The left-hand bones which fit into the pelvis are too small on the one hand side and too big on the other hand side.

I started to draw lines first and draw the lines too hard, so what I did while I was drawing I erase the lines and start coloring the part in. If you draw hard enough the marks/lines of the pencil are on the paper so it is easy to start coloring in.

The top part did not have a lot of attention and it was difficult for me to understand the bones. I mostly make use of shades in that sense that there are parts that I colored lighter and parts darker.

It took me a while to draw the sketch because I did not feel like drawing and was a bit upset. So I spend most of the time on the couch busy sleeping. That is the reason why there were no posts on my blog/website.


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