Staring at the Ceiling

Pieter Lategan
Title: Staring at the Ceiling
PencilA4 Paper

It took me two days to draw this.  I had a very bad day yesterday.  It was very hot but today was nice and cool.  When the weather is like that you feel you can work.  I have now a better understanding of the eyes.  The title I decided must be “Staring at the Ceiling”  I got the words from the song Abba (Song Title: One of Us.)
Songs Listen to:

Abba – One of Us (1981)

Foreigner – I want to know what love is (November 1984)

A-HA – Take on Me (1985)

U2 – With or Without you (1987)

Phil Collins and Marilyn Martin – Separate Lives (1981)

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