Baby Sleeping Bags – The Camouflage Line

Today I worked on the baby sleeping bags, I bought these fabrics at a special in Krugersdorp. I keep a record in my recording book where I bought this material and what it cost that day. It is also very important to write down the name and the code of the fabrics to keep track of it and to buy and compare it with other shops.

I tried to use the overlocker to do overclocking on the fleece but it was not very successful. Instead, I used the sewing machine and did a zig-zag first on the edges, and then a straight stitch next to the zig-zag.

Today I was starring at the TV cupboard. On the door below the TV, there were drawings of Anton’s toddler grandchildren. All the children draw on the walls and doors, that is what they do. They are naughty, they are creative, and for sure they are going to be punished because they need to know that crazy and dumbs writes on walls and glasses.

When you are older you sometimes wish that you had had that drawing still on your walls, although you were angry, although you were the one to clean it yourself, you gave the little one the education to draw on a piece of paper and that is correct. Yes, I agree, that is the way you have to do it. But when you lose your grandchildren you find that those sketches can be the only sketches that you have from them. You stare at it, you get a smile, you look at it and said to yourself thank you that I did not clean it, I actually need to take a photo with it and keep it in a safe place or frame it and when that child turns 18 years old, you can give it as a present and that will for sure give a big laugh in the family and everyone will think it is sweet.

I spoke to Anton about the drawing of his grandchild and he said he remember the day when the child draw on the cupboard. I said to him what I think and he said he never thought about that.

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Cast: Richard Gere and Diane Lane

Director: Adrian Lyne

This year’s fashion show at Mall of Africa (2021) – The Camouflage Line

This jacket was made by Anton for me. He used the same rose camouflage fabrics which I used for my shorts. It has a military look, a green shirt and pants, and booty shoes. We put bling in, on the left-hand side diamonds to give a kind medal feeling, and then the roses on the shoulders the rank, like the clothing the men in the defense force so both this clothing is muscular and feminine. Feminine and at the same time also a very strong muscular feeling in this style. As I said this is all part of the camouflage line which the jacket is not really part of it, because we focus on the shorts for now.

Every year South Africa has a Fashion Week, I and Anton are going to attend. The clothing above is what I am going to wear to the fashion show in Johannesburg. It is going to be an evening event that is why I put so much bling on.

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J2 The Iconic Series Vol,5 – Hit me Baby One More Time (2017)

The Mannequin – Camouflage Line

I and Anton went today to Soshanguve a black township 20km from the Northern side of Pretoria. It is a very poor area, and we went to a few schools for his work. We drove in his car and in the middle of Soshanguve, his car broke. Luckily we could still drive home. On our way home we stopped at a second and shop and saw this mannequin. I tried to get this for R200 but the shop owner said no R300. I spoke to Anton and we agree that we are going to take the mannequin to use to display our clothing line. This is a very good quality mannequin because it is made out of fiber. Slowly we get started but work hard, and today I struggled with the overlocker.

On our way home today we heard this song:

Starship – Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now (1987)

Children Camouflage Sleeping Bags – Camouflage Line

The sleeping bag idea I got from a friend, he made sleeping bags and said to me that is a very good seller among children. I and Anton are now busy with the camouflage line, so I thought that camouflage fabrics will work under children and with the sleeping bag theme. We are not now thinking of making children’s clothing but focus now more on adult men camouflage shorts.

The sleeping bags are for the winter next year, I think this idea will do good in the market.

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Falco – Rock me Amadeus (1985)

Male Fashion Figure Drawings – Camouflage Line

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Wonder Boy (Wonder Boy, Oliver Rousteing) – 2019

Date Added: 26th June 2021


This revealing documentary follows Balmain creative director Olivier Rousteing as he brings his bold designs to life and goes in search of his origins.

Certificate: M Coarse Language

Year: 2019

Duration: 1hr 22m

Audio: French – Audio Description, French [Original]

Subtitles: English, French, Italian, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese

Today I would like to discuss a very important part of the design, which will be drawing. I worked very hard the last few years on the drawing of faces and a little figure drawing, and still, I found it a challenge to draw and to make the drawing work.

I choose fashion and I realized if I like to design clothing, sometimes I would start to draw figures to dress them, to see what the design would be and how it will look. That is the very important part of the design, the idea, the thought, the dream, and then finally then the end product which needs to be better than the design that you had in mind in the beginning.

I think time and again back to my study years when I did textile design as a subject in my course which was then called theater crafts, where I study to become a decor painter. When I design for textiles I usually have a subject like the Roman period. That helps me to find ideas and to combine a lot of designs together and to make the creation of the Roman period my own. It does not take a lot of drawing skills but balance and color use were very important. You also need to look at materials and which fabrics you can make use of and with what paint, if you do for instance silkscreening. So there were a lot of things you need to think of when you start to work. I think the idea is very important when you start and rough sketch to give you a quick look at how you think the design will look, but as I said the final product can differ a lot from the first line that you draw.

I and Anton, my business partner looked this weekend the movie “Wonder Boy” of the designer Oliver Rousteing which design for Balmain. Balmain is a French luxury fashion house.

Image: Footwear News.

Olivier Rousteing design which Jennifer Lopez wears in this photo is one of my favorite designs. What I like about this design are its colorwork and its embroidery. It looks very flashy and busy and daring. The black, gold, blue and red is all through together. Clothing is nothing different from any other design. You can have simple or very decorative clothing. You can use many colors or one color.

Image: Vogue

It looks like most of his garments are for women. I can’t really find something for men, which I focus now on. I am thinking to stick with pants for this summer and men’s trousers for winter next year. Still, I am going to work with camouflage fabrics, but when I design clothing for myself I want to give a strong muscular feeling with a touch of feminine look, like flowers, flashy jewelry. To combine a muscular and feminine look for men can be very tricky. Now the big question is, why would I like to do that? To say to you I don’t really have a real answer, but if you look at trends of next year (2022) the men’s wear in the fashion world has a lot of bling, gold, silver and here and their diamonds.

Image: HIGHXaTAtR.

In this image, you see more of Oliver Rousteing’s designs. I prefer more colorful designs, but that is me. What I like is the bright colors of Versace, but the designs are now old. I look for new designs from Versace, but the fabrics have the same look and feel, and I feel we need new creations from Versace, there are a lot of people who are more talented now and can give Versace much more competition.

The Camouflage line.

I am going to discuss the camouflage line what we are busy with now. As I said Anton started with the idea, by making for him and his son camouflage pants. The more I started to think about it, the more I see how popular it is and started to see the variety of camouflage fabrics. You get about all the colors and interesting variations of camouflage designs. It is all incorporated into the design and you can use it for formal and then very informal wear. As we go with the line, you will see more and more about the different fabrics which I talk about now.

This is my first camouflage fabric which I brought from a local shop. It has a strong muscular feeling, and then you get a strong feminine feeling with the roses. I thought it can work for a man because you have a camouflage design. It can work for both men and women. So this widens the market for marketing this line of these specific pants. It is printed canvas material and it is harder than the normal material, so a little bit difficult to work with that on your sewing machine. The printed canvas materials have a lot of frays, and you need a “no Fray” product to help stop the fraying. In the last past few months, I learned or I and Anton learned a lot of different types of fabrics and how to use them. Some of the materials like lycra roll on the edges and it is difficult to sew and you also need to know that you have to use a zig-zag stitch when you sew.

While I am learning it feels like every pant I do have its own difficulty and challenge, although you use the same pattern.


LAVI – The Logo

Every business needs to have a logo. That is part of its identity. This tells you what the business does and who they are. The logo also shows the stability of the company, what I mean by that is if you change the logo often it can create uncertainty with your clients. The logo is a strong marketing tool that you can use, it is very easy to use in advertisements, clothing lines, corporate wear as part of your marketing and to stand out.

Anton created the logo and I was very glad that I don’t have to do that, we choose a word logo and only one color so that it can be easily readable and used soft lines to create to make the logo friendly. Sharp lines make a logo aggressive but round curves make it soft.

The logo forms a small part of the corporate identity of the business, the corporate identity is something in the business which you can treat as a person. That tells you who we are and what we do, the corporate identity, explains the business, and not the people. The people who work for the company need to adhere to the corporate identity because to build the business name. It is important for the business to use the corporate identity correctly and continuity is important through all advertisements and in our business clothing lines.

What I try to do is to build a strong brand name, the way I and Anton think to do that is to brand the clothing line outside with the logo. Instead of using the logo on the inside of the clothes, we think to put the logo label on the outside of the clothing line. We think of embroidery but also look at the print.

LAVI Fashion Camouflage Summer Line

I and my business partner Anton started the Lavi Fashion house. Anton started with the camouflage idea and was not very interested and felt that I want to go very much more flashy and bright and did not feel that I would like the army look and feel or can work it in camouflage clothing which will be able to go the shops. After a while, I see a lot of interesting things I can do and create and things I can bring together in the military designs, accessories like jewelry, shoes, and other fabrics which you can use with the camouflage fabrics.

What I started today is a scrapbook for the Camouflage Summer Line. It will help me to also record what we are doing. I and Anton are no more focused on what exactly we want to do and how to use and get more creative ideas for the military line.

A New Start in Clothing – Study 9

It was at the beginning of February 2021 on a Sunday when I party a bit and been in the sky that afternoon. Was still flying during the next morning. I met this guy on the internet and we started talking. I drove off to his house about 4 Km from my apartment in the morning half-past three during the lockdown in the Covid Pandemic.

I got to his house and we were chatting and I left at 7 o’clock in the morning. Both of us had problems and that was what we had in common. I never thought that I will see him again but we kept in contact. Later on, we began to start a friendship. I never realized how lonely I were and someone just jumps into my life and gives color to me. We, later on, realized that we had a lot in common in that sense is that we studied at the same campus teaching, both of our dads were teachers. He was also very much into decor and theater but did not study theater crafts as I did. Both of us liked crafts, paint, and other art. So we start building a friendship.

One evening I and my new friend sat and were talking, and he said he wanted to start a clothing line for the bigger women. Then I knew this will be the business I really like to be in. I said to him lets start the business and both of us agreed. So I bought myself a sewing machine and overlocker a few days thereafter. I was thinking of making clothing for the bigger man but realized that will be very difficult.

A new road was built and now I still wonder what is going to happen and have a new topic on my blog now which will start a new journey through my life maybe. Still, I am going to continue writing and keep a record of my studies. The studies will all be part of a painting that will be created. When the painting will be finished I can’t tell because I don’t know what the painting will look like anymore and I think it will not be portraits. This new journey will all be a part of the development of the painting which I will paint in this specific study.

Brother GS3700 Sewing Machine – R2999

Empisal Sewing Machine 760C (Overlocker) – R2900

Study 7 – Inspired by Helen Frankenthaler, Mountains and Sea, 1952

Artist: Pieter Lategan
Title: Study 7 – Inspired by Helen Frankenthaler, Mountains and Sea, 1952
Medium: Mondi Rotatrim Paper 80gsm, 3B Pencil Wood
Dimensions: 210 X 297 mm / 8.27 X 11.69 inches
Style: Abstract
Art: Abstract, Realism
Place of Origin: Pretoria, South Africa

Personal Notes:

I started to draw again, and find this image of Helen Frankenthaler on the internet, I thought to redraw draw it in pencil on paper.


Artist: Helen Frankenthaler
Title: Mountains and Sea, 1952.

Notes from the article about Helen Frankenthaler

Helen Frankenthaler started this painting one afternoon in her studio which she rented a few blocks down the street from her London apartment. A canvas was laying on the floor before her and was inspired by the art of Jackson Pollock, whose drip paintings she had first encountered some years before she set to work.

The canvas was unprimed and she primed it with a mix of Dutch Boy lead and glue that like other artists the typically used as a ground to prevent the colors from bleeding directly into the canvas. Helen said in her own words: “I might have been very impatient to paint.” She then thinned out her paints with turpentine, curious to see how they would soak and stain into the big empty canvas – seven by teen feet – beneath her.

She first started to draw with charcoal and made lines clustering in the center of the big canvas. The lines suggested forms but only as an armature for what followed. She then laid on the turpentine-thinned colors, blue and pink and salmon and red and sea-foam green, watching as they pooled and stained. The blue flared to the sides from a central fulcrum of pink and red, playing in and around the charcoal underdrawing, which is both respected and ignored. After three hours she stopped and called her studio-mate Friedel Dzubas to take a look. Neither of them had seen anything like it before.

There seemed to be no order. Angry detractors would say it looked like a rag for wiping brushes. Helen felt each element was poised on a fragile edge of clarity, even of flaring neatness, like a wave risen to perfection at the moment before it spends its energy and falls apart. Spontaneity and structure seemed to flow through each other without ever touching, making something buoyantly free and vulnerably honest. She called the painting Mountains and Sea and signed it neatly in the lower right corning, date 10/26/52.

She did meet Pollock himself through her friend Celemt Greenberg in 1950 which she dated for five years. Pollock himself, enforcing what she already knew but needed to hear: namely, that no art is good “intellectually,” the greatest paintings are the ones that deliver a “charge.”



attackers – pieter lategan

Push push push
Push me around
fall on the floor
head first
It pain sore

He came and kick while I lie on the floor
one time
two time
three time